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Top 7 Best Felt Glue Reviews: Buying Guide 2022

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we’re all excited about the free time. We know you’ve planned many things already, but adding a DIY felt project to your list could be awesome too, right?

You can make flower templates, jewelry, holiday decorations, kid toys, and all kinds of needlework. Whether you’re crafting with your kids or making gifts to give, felt projects make it easy to share some love with your family. 

If you’re already a seasoned DIYer, your projects can be easier and faster with the best felt glue. Once you pick the best product, you can create masterpieces that’ll last ​a long time. 

So, ​we’re hoping that this article ​will help you discover the top picks from the experts. C’mon!  It’s time to get creative.





Here are a few quick picks from Amazon if you’re looking for the best of the bunch to get started

Why should you need Felt Glue?

One of the materials to pick for a felt project is the glue. But there are many products, and not all can hold felt together. Sometimes, you may need to glue felt to another felt material.

Other times, you may want to stick objects on needle-felted wool or felt sheets. You can only achieve these exercises with felt glue. It will help to simplify your gluing processes and fasten your turnaround time.

top 7 Best Glue for felt Reviews in 2022


Here is the brand we recommend for your felt project. Scotch is a popular name in the adhesives industry, offering diverse sizes and appearances of glue. 

Any glue or adhesive from this manufacturer can be your best partner in completing office, classroom, strong home-based projects.

This super spray from Scotch is free of acid. You can use it with ease, and it dries very fast too. According to the manufactures, this super 77 adhesive spray offers a no wrinkling and no bleed through capacity.

It also covers the target surface to ensure a professional result. This is not working with the wrong glue and feeling disappointed with your final work. With the Scotch glue, your felt project will come out just fine. 

Another important aspect worth mentioning is that this adhesive is versatile. It’s like a one-for-all product which you can use for felt, fabric, bonding paper, metal, cushion, wood, cardboard, foam, plastic and lots more

Another incredible high points for this super adhesive is that you can opt for different containers to suit your project.

You can use the spray bottle for your massive projects, or you can use the glue sticks for lighter work.

There is also the liquid glue that allows precision application without a run-off, and there are the adhesive rollers for classroom projects.

When you need to apply a bond but would give anything to avoid the mess, super glue with precision tips will answer to that.

Lastly, this product dries fast and offers an aggressive tack plus a low-soak-in functionality. No matter the type of project you have, this super adhesive will work very well, especially on soft materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries Very fast
  • Offers aggressive tack for more efficiency
  • Versatile formula works well on plastic, wood, metal, felt, fabric, etc
  • Bonds lightweight material on contact
  • No-wrinkling and no-bleed ensures excellent results
  • Contains no acid, therefore non-toxic.

2. Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (3 pack)

If you hope to achieve a good result in your next DIY project with felt, we recommend this original glue from a trusted brand.

The Aleene brand has been providing high-quality glue for the craft industry for fifty years now. We believe that they’ve tested and improved their products so much so that users can trust the final product. 

This tacky glue from Aleene is ultra-tacky, white in color, and dries clear. It’s not a product you’ll use with fear, considering that many types of glue may dry and turn yellow. Instead,

Aleene’s glue suits every project because it gives the user the exact color they expect to see. 

We appreciate the brand’s effort in ensuring that this felt glue is nontoxic. Also, they made it versatile and high-quality, as well.

It works well on felt, wood, paper, foam, ceramics, non-washable fabrics, and even kids can use it too. When you see the bottle, you’ll understand the position of this glue in the industry.

Another thing to commend is that the Aleene’s felt glue works very fast. Once it comes in contact with any surface, it holds the items together.

According to users, this glue is super strong, and as it dries, you’ve got a permanent adhesion of two materials.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-toxic and odorless nature makes it suitable for every project
  • Works great on wood, foam, felt, ceramics, paper, and metal
  • Versatile for all kinds of projects via an all-purpose formula
  • Ultra Tacky nature holds all sorts of materials on contact
  • Super-strong and safe for even kids to handle
  • Clear-drying capacity encourage usage for household projects, DIY and craft

3. UHU All Purpose Adhesive Glue 125ml boxed [Pack of 5 Tubes]

For those DIYers who would rather keep the mess at the barest minimum, this adhesive is just right for you. It doesn’t appear in any spray container but in small tubes of five to offer ease of use.

The all-purpose UHU adhesive comes in five tubes that contain 125 ml of glue for your felt project. The brand is not a new player in the industry, as well.

They are known to provide adhesives that act fast and leaves a crystal clear surface after drying.

We also love the UHU adhesive for being an all-purpose product. Apart from working correctly on diverse surfaces, this product is one of the topmost felt glue you can find in the market.

It dries very fast when you apply on felt and other surfaces. Also, it leaves no color after drying but appears crystal clear.

UHU is not specific to one kind of environment. You can use the adhesive in your office, at home or in school.

The effect of the glue is durable, and you can also correct whatsoever mistakes you mad while joining materials together.

Even if you want to apply these UHU tubes on paper, you can do so with ease because it won’t leave wrinkles on the material.

Lastly, this adhesive can work of felt, wood-based materials, glass, leather, porcelain, and rubber, cork, cardboard, paper, and plastic. However, don’t use it for PP or PE.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile to hold all sorts of materials together
  • Dries fast and crystal clear
  • Works well on plastics, wood, felt, ceramic, rubber, cork, etc. but not PP or PE
  • Each product contains a pack of five tubes with 125ml capacity
  • Suitable for modeling, home use, school crafts, and office repairs.

4. Beacon Adhesive Felt Glue

So if you would prefer one type of glue for a particular project and doesn’t buy the all-purpose type, here is that glue you need for your next felt project.

This adhesive comes from Beacon and with all their years of experience in this industry, you can expect the best from them.

Instead of doing a trial and error project, get it right the first time with this felt glue from Beacon.

When you ask why we love it, our answer is that it gives you a 100% assurance that you are using the right glue for your project.

There’s not going to be an unsure moment when you wonder if you bought the best felt glue in the market. 

Coming to functionalities, this glue is very versatile, too, since you can use it for a widespread of felt projects. Apart from felt, have I mentioned that you could use it for pom-poms, Chenille Stems Trims, etc. 

We also love the fact that it doesn’t soak-through any fabric, and this product is a USA product.  You can use it on pillows, banners, pocketbooks, hats, wearables, home décor, and gift items.

You can work with ease also since the glue doesn’t run, but the thick formula keeps it together. Since the glue is non-toxic and dries fast, you can buy it for the kids to use in their projects.

The best part is that this glue doesn’t emit any odor. You can clean it off with water after working, and it takes a maximum of 3 or 4 hours to dry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works perfectly on all felt projects
  • Dries in three to four hours
  • Thick formula prevents running-off from surfaces
  • Holds pom poms, chenille stem trims together
  • Non-toxicity makes it safe for children
  • Zero odors capacity ensures that you can use it anywhere
  • Simplifies projects on  pillows, banners, pocketbooks, hats, wearables, and home décor

5. Beacon Adhesive Fabri-Tac Glue

Adding this permanent adhesive from Beacon is to offer a different capacity that others may not give. Any time you’re looking for a washable glue for your felt or DIY project, this Fabri-Tac adhesive should be your first port of call. 

We couldn’t imagine a glue you can use on fabrics, wash the material, and still have a strong bond. When we came across this product from Beacon, it became important that you must have it.

Once you apply this adhesive on any fabric, you can be sure of durability no matter how many times you wash the fabric. It is considered as one of the best glue for felt to fabric.

For instance, there are times when you want to hold the seams and the hems of your clothes together.

Sometimes, repairing a torn cloth may require a little glue here and there. In such circumstances, this Beacon Fabri-Tac glue will serve you perfectly. 

Another area you’ll appreciate about this glue is that it dries fast too. Once it grabs the surfaces together, it won’t take long to dry and leave that permanency you seek.

We love that you can also apply this glue to wood, lace, and leather. You can use it when decorating your home, doing bridal decorations, and any home repairs that rise.

The best part about this Beacon adhesive is that it doesn’t soak into or stain fabrics.  However, the manufacturers advise against using this glue for dry cleaning. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries very fast and grabs efficiently
  • Doesn’t soak or stain fabrics
  • Works great on leather, wood, lace and felt
  • Can be washable on fabrics yet offers a permanent result.
  • Holds seams and hems of clothing for a quick and easy fix

6. Elmer’s Extra Strength School Glue Sticks 

We love to recommend this packet of strong adhesive for your children’s school projects. It is not the products you open and worry that it will dry.

This Elmer’s glue comes in 30 count of sticks that ensures durability. Use one or more to complete your school project while the rest remains intact and sealed. 

These purple glue sticks are two times stronger than many of its kind in the market. The color is purple as you pour it, but when it dries, everything becomes crystal.

The rationale behind the color is to ensure that you don’t miss your target surface or make a mess. As the color indicates where the glue has covered, you can work faster and neater as well.

Although this glue comes in smaller sticks, it serves multi-purposes for users. It works great on ceramic, wood, fabric, felt, cardstock, and many other surfaces.

This product is safe to use because it is washable, photo-safe, and non-toxic. As such, you can use it in the classroom, apply it to beautify your craftwork, and also use it at home.

Highlighted Features:

  • Washable and leaves no color after drying
  • Appears in purple to indicate areas of coverage
  • Comes in a 30 count of small glue sticks.
  • Non-toxic nature makes it safe for all
  • Works perfectly on felt, ceramic, cardboard, fabric, buttons, etc.
  • Promotes a mess-free project anytime
  • Contains no acid, photo-safe and suitable for tough arts & crafts

​7. Aleene’s Felt & Foam Tacky Glue (Original Version)

If you never had the opportunity to use the product that introduced Aleene in the adhesive industry, here you have it for all your felt projects. 

One of the reasons this adhesive made name until now is that it grabs surfaces faster than many and also dries out as a strong bond. 

Another reason for picking this original version is that it comes in a thick nature that prevents run-off from surfaces.

You can apply any amount you need without mess or wastages. This first adhesive from Aleene appears in a 4oz/118ml container.  

Just like what we’ve said earlier, you can be sure of optimum performance with any adhesive from Aleene.

This particular adhesive, however, works perfectly on felt & foam. So no matter what, you want to gum on foam, pick this product and work smiling and happy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a 4oz container for easy use
  • Hold items faster and Dries strong 
  • Appears thick on surfaces to prevent run-off

Things to consider before buying felt glue

The best advice we can give a beginner DIYer is to be careful when picking felt glue. There are many brands out there, but you must know what to check.

Don’t just pick the available glue but get that particular one with all the right attributes. So, the next time you go searching for the best felt glue, look for these:


One of the commendable attributes of glue is versatility. Many brands out there hold different kinds of materials together.

Sometimes, you can stick your felt on another felt and on other items too. If you buy a glue that can suit all your requirements, you may need to invest in more than one brand.

That, as we all know, is not cost-effective at all. So before selecting, check the features and identify the numerous materials it can hold.

The good news is that all the ten products we have here are versatile. You can use them on many materials for various crafts too.


Before choosing any brand, check if it dries very fast. Instead of losing your arrangements or wasting loads of time on a particular project, grab a fast-dry felt glue and produce many things quickly.

We list some brands here that can dry very fast and save you some time. 


If you don’t want glue that’ll run off the surface of your material, consider a thicker adhesive for your project.

You can find lighter brands if you need them, but once you’re sure that you want to avoid messy workspace, grab a thick felt glue.


Why do you need felt glue in the first place if not to hold your crafts together? Picking a glue that will not be effective in doing that is a waste of money and time. Make sure the glue will stick tight and permanently.

Most of the brands we list here boast of a quick grab and a strong bond. Get that one that’ll not break after a little while. Go for a permanent bond for all your felt projects by selecting an effective adhesive.

Permanent or Temporary

By now, you should know that some glues are meant for permanence, while others are just for a temporary bond.

Before you go home with an adhesive, please find out if it’s made to provide a permanent hold on your felt project.

It’s always advisable to get a permanent one since you want your craft to last for a long time. Many people don’t know this; that’s why some are frustrated when their projects turn out badly later.


Since reading this best felt glue reviews list, you may have noticed the emphasis on non-toxicity or acid-free brands. The reason for that is to ensure the safety of the users.

Sometimes, our kids use these glues for school projects and crafts. Many adhesives you find in the market contain toxic ingredients. There are many others with toxic fumes and harmful gases.

If you buy an acidic or toxic adhesive, your children will be exposed to danger. Even as an adult, you may inhale a toxic fume from an adhesive and develop respiratory tract issues.

So, play safe by checking the brand instructions. You can find the warnings behind the bottle of some brands. 


Although it depends on the project or material you’re using, but a water-resistant adhesive should be the bomb for every project. Water and glue are not that friendly.

Many adhesives fall apart when water touches it. However, many brands offer awesome resistance to water.

So, depending on what you want to achieve and the length of time you hope to use your felt crafts, we recommend a water-resistant felt glue.

Best felt glue brands on the market

There are many brands of felt glue in the market today. However, amidst all the competing products, we’re proud to present this list of seven as the best.

We took our time to investigate and certify them suitable for your next felt project. Check the following:


This is a brand that as more than one type of glue in the market. Owned by Aleene Jackson, the company focuses on manufacturing effective and awesome adhesives suitable for all kinds of crafts and arts.

We discovered that the Aleene’s brand produced the Original Tacky Glue. 


Here is another popular brand in the industry. This New York-based adhesive manufacturer has been in the industry for close to a hundred years.

They produce only high-quality products, which is not surprising given their wealth of experience.


When you talk of brands that boast of experience and knowledge in the adhesives industry, Elmer’s brand won’t be absent.

This company has stayed for 72 years and has produced high-quality adhesives and other craft-related materials. The headquarters are in Westerville, Ohio, United States, and they started producing glue from inception.

Safety Issues Which You Need To Take Care While Working With felt Glue

So far, we’ve seen that many adhesives are not toxic and thereby not harmful to the users. But many potential hazards may likely occur while working with adhesives.  Some of the common ones include:

  • Eye injuries
  • Inhalation or ingestion of chemicals
  • Skin burns
  • Irritation
  • Accidental spillage 
  • Absorption of chemicals into the nose, skin, mouth, eyes
  • Fire

Given that these scenarios may likely play out while working with adhesives, it’s best to be careful.

While you may carefully select a non-toxic glue, you may mistakenly pick a toxic one too.

So, while working with any brand, be cautious and careful by doing the following things:

Wear a Respirator

The best safety strategy of working with felt glue is to wear a respirator. I don’t know about you, but using a felt spray glue would expose you to residues released into the air.

So, the best way to be safe is to protect the air you inhale to avoid health issues. 

Work in a well-ventilated space

Adequate ventilation is necessary to avoid the ingestion of harmful substances.

If you lock yourself in with all those adhesives in the air, you may end up sick even with a safe glue. So, make sure that your work area is spacious and airy.

Invest in disposable gloves

This item is very important to protect your palms. Have you had to try everything but couldn’t lose glue from your palms? You could have avoided all that by wearing disposable gloves that are also resistant to chemicals. 

Put on your safety glasses

I can’t imagine what will happen if an adhesive enters the eyes. No one should ever experience the discomfort or turn blind eye while exploring.

Knowing how delicate our eyes are, it’ll be more proactive to cover them with glasses before spraying adhesives on any surface.


Q: How long will it take the felt glue to dry completely?

Answer: we can’t mention any specific time because brands have unique characteristics. But in our search, we’ve seen glues that take a few minutes to dry off while others may run into hours.

Some brands take two hours, while others may take less or more. It all depends on the brand you buy. For instance, a brand like Aleene’s glue can take as little as 35 minutes to fry off. Awesome, isn’t it?  

Q: What types of glue works on felt?

Answer: Three types of glue can take your felt project to a higher level. You can use tacky glue, permanent glue, or even hot glue and achieve a strong and durable bond. 

Q: Can fabric glue serve s felt glue?

Answer: Yes, you can use fabric glue for your felt project. Many DIYers recommend fabric glue as a viable option. Fabric glue can hold felt fiber together in a strong bond too

Q: What do I do if the felt glue I bought is too thick?

Answer: Even though we recommend thick glues to prevent run-off, there are times when you may need thinner glue.

In such a situation, add a little water and stir vigorously. One of the brands that can accept that trick is the Aleene’s glue. Like we said earlier, they’re popular for high-quality adhesives. 

Q: Can I rely on Tacky Glue to be permanent?

Answer: According to enthusiasts, tacky glues are permanent, versatile, and dries clear without color or residue. You can use them on felt and other materials such as ceramics, Styrofoam, wood, etc. 

Best felt glue: Final thoughts

In this best felt glue review, we took our time to select the best products from the best brands in the industry. Every industry is saturated with all kinds of products, yes, but you can’t go wrong following this review.

We selected ten types of glue for your next felt project; we’ve also outlined and explained the factors that are critical for high-quality adhesives.

All you need to do is go through this review and make a suitable choice. It all depends on what you aim to achieve in your project. We have thick glues, washable glue, tacky glue, and permanent glues in this list.

If you prefer an all-purpose glue, you’re sure to find it here. However, if you’re the one for specific glue for a project, we have a brand that only works on felt. So, go ahead and make a wise decision.  


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