How To Make Glitter Tumblers With Epoxy: Great for Gifts!

How to make glitter tumblers

Learning how to make glitter tumblers can be a fun way to create memorable gifts for friends and loved ones. The process can be a little involved, but with some persistence and patience, you can learn this fun craft in no time. Don’t expect to finish this craft in an afternoon. At minimum, this process … Read more

Best Varnish for Acrylic Painting – Our Top 6 List in 2021

Best Varnish for Acrylic Painting

Acrylics are famous for losing their flair and going opaque after a period of drying out. They often do not retain the original shiny or matte attributes, and often contain uneven patches of either. On top of that, the use of retarders and different mediums add more to the already open wound. The solution? Varnish, … Read more

How To Spray Paint Graffiti Like a Pro

How to spray paint grafitti

The first rule of graffiti is that there are no rules. In fact, graffiti has come into being in order to break the stereotypical rules. This makes it much more than just some colors on a wall, a canvas, or any surface that will hold paint. It’s an emotion, a sense of independence. Today it’s … Read more

How to Paint Wood Crafts Like a Pro

How to Paint Wood Crafts

There lies a substantial difference between an ‘okay craft’ and an ‘excellent craft.’ Surprisingly, that difference can sometimes be overcome with just the proper finish for your piece! It should fit your style, and it should fit the project as well. However, learning how to paint wood crafts properly can help you to create something … Read more

Fabric Paint vs Acrylic Paint: Which One is Best for Your Job?

fabric paint vs acrylic paint

Painters, craft lovers, and ​anyone who works with colors and dyes all have at least a somewhat basic knowledge ​of colors, and some more than others. Paints are so common in our crafting and making culture that they’re almost everywhere. But, what types of paints are the best and most appropriate for our specific situations? … Read more

Best Spray Paint for Graffiti Reviews in 2022


From a movement of ideology to a colorful expression of the masses, graffiti is an art form that has been taking over the attention of the world for decades. And from the looks of how popular it is everywhere, from posh theatre houses to restaurants, minibars, or cafes, we can conclude that it’s a trend … Read more

Top 10 Best Paint for Wood Crafts: Buying Guide 2021

Best Paint for Wood Crafts

Every home has wood crafts as part of its decorations, and to make it more aesthetically pleasing, you add colors to it. Aside from the wood surface, which has undergone proper preparation, you need to meticulously choose the paint that you will use to achieve flawless results. Since wood is porous, the paint soaks in … Read more

Heat Transfer vs Screen Printing: Learn Which is Better

heat transfer vs screen printing

If you’re thinking of customizing t-shirts for yourself or your friends, or you’re planning a new small business, you​ might be debating…heat transfer vs screen printing. Right? Understandably, ​a lot of people today don’t really know much about the different types of printing processes available to them, especially when it comes to manufacturing t-shirts. But … Read more