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How to Make Felt Balls – Easiest Step By Step Guide

Felt balls are probably among the most appealing yarn products you can make. The softness, bounciness, and attractive look make them exquisite toys and decorations.

If you want one of these, then don’t buy them. Instead, learn how to make felt balls with our help.

We’re going to teach you everything you need to make felt balls, every process you need to go through, and how you can create the ideal ones accordingly.

Care to learn more about this? Then take a step further to find out!

Things You’ll Need

So, you’re eager to start but don’t know what you need. Well, don’t worry – here’s a list of the materials:

  • Felting wool (it should be at least 50% sourced from animal fibers)
  • Soap or detergent (dishwashing or hand soap, preferably colorless)
  • A bucket of water (preferably warm)
  • Dyes or colorants (powdered or liquid)
  • Scissors

The felting wool can be replaced by colored polyester yarn if you want. While they’re relatively similar, the yarn does not achieve the felt state as wool does.

Once you’re done collecting these materials, then you’re free to start the felt ball making process.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Make Felt Balls

This process is easy enough for children under 10 to do it. However, it is still essential to know exactly what to do to prevent issues later on. Here are 7 steps that will make it possible:

Step 1: Wrap the Wool/Yarn

Start by wrapping the wool into a ball shape. Remember, the wool/yarn tends to shrink once it is moist – so be sure to make the ball at least twice as the size you’re looking to get.

If you need to cut the yarn/wool, try to avoid cutting it in small portions. These short strands may eventually separate from the ball and make a hideous ball instead.

Step 2: Create a Soapy Pool

The soapy pool refers to the bucket with warm water mixed with the soap/detergent. Be sure to add enough soap, so the water is indeed soapy and filled with foam.

Step 3: Soak the Yarn

Once you have the soapy pool, then you need to dip the balls of wool in it. The soap in warm water will have a slight reaction with the yarn, shrinking it.

When it shrinks, it allows you to shape the ball into a perfect ball. You’ll have to start trying to achieve a perfectly round shape at this point while dipping the yarn in the soapy water.

Step 4: Roll the Ball

After a few seconds of shaping the balls, you can place them on a flat surface (it should be clean). The balls should still be wet so you can keep shaping them.

Here, we recommend rolling the balls clockwise and counterclockwise as if you were shaping clay. Once the wool/yarn is perfectly rounded, then rinse it once again with the soapy water.

Step 5: Squeeze the Water

Once you have the round felt ball, you can squeeze all the water out. Squeeze them out by rolling them further, but this time applying more pressure. Try to keep the rounded shape.

This pressure will help you achieve a more rounded shape. Then, the wool/yarn will start to felt and soften up while becoming denser in a smaller ball.

Step 6: Wash the Balls

Finish by rinsing the balls with cold water. Be sure to keep the rounded shape and give them a last squeeze. Try to get as much water out as possible.

Step 7: Dry the Balls

Now you can leave the balls to dry overnight. Be sure to have a perfectly round shape on each one of them.

After 24 hours or so, you will have felt balls ready to be used for decorations, accessories, or toys for children.

Bottom Line

As you can see, felt balls are probably among the easiest-to-do things you can make with wool. They take no more than 30 minutes of work and about a day to dry. Then you’ll have exquisite-looking and super-soft felt balls to enjoy.

So, did you learn how to make felt balls with this guide? Then don’t waste more of your time and start making them right now.

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