Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting: History and Tips

Difference Between Knitting and Crocheting

When it comes to making textiles, it’s easy to get confused by the different techniques out there. After all, beginners can hardly see a difference between a knitted and a crocheted sweater. Still, these two methods are very different, and it’s helpful to know the distinction when choosing which you will learn. Knowing the difference between … Read more

What is Paper Mache: Beautiful Masks, Boxes, and Much More

What is Paper Mache

Paper mache, or papier-mâché as you’ll sometimes see it spelled, is a technique used to sculpt and decorate that uses layers of paper and adhesive. You might remember it from your elementary school art class, but paper mache has a rich history and many beautiful, practical uses. So, what is paper mache, anyway? Paper mache … Read more

What is Paper Quilling – History and Guide for Beginners

What is Paper Quilling

What is Paper Quilling Paper quilling is one of the simplest and cheapest crafts out there. As a beginner, learning how to roll these little strips of paper into dazzling works of art is a great choice, as you’ll be able to proudly display intricate artwork without much practice. Making art by quilling paper is … Read more

11 Best Types of Paper for Art and Crafts – How to Choose

Best paper for art and crafts

Crafting can require very little materials to get something wonderful in return. Sometimes, the simplest projects can have the most awesome rewards. Paper crafting can easily be one of those activities. But, with so many types of paper for art and crafts available, it’s hard to choose which is right for your project. Paper crafts … Read more

How to Dye Macrame Cord: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Dye Macrame Cord

Macrame cord is a super versatile material that’s used for many different types of DIY crafting projects and home décor pieces. From wall art to plant hangers, and so much more in between, the variety of projects made from macrame cord is awesome. It comes in a wide range of textures, thicknesses, and colors, but … Read more

Top 7 Best Yarn for Arm Knitting: Buying Guide For 2022


Arm knitting is a relatively recent craze in the knitting industry, and it’s hit with a bang! Since 2013, crafters have been obsessed with this trend. There’s no shame to admit that I’m also obsessed with this innovative knitting trend! Most importantly, you will need nothing but your hand and some yarn to start your … Read more