Top 7 Best Felt Glue Reviews: Buying Guide 2022

best felt glue

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we’re all excited about the free time. We know you’ve planned many things already, but adding a DIY felt project to your list could be awesome too, right? You can make flower templates, jewelry, holiday decorations, kid toys, and all kinds of needlework. Whether you’re crafting with your … Read more

3 Easiest Ways to Remove Super Glue from Fabric


Our easy fix for everything that is broken is super glue. It can put back a million things together as its hold is very strong. So strong that when it falls on your hand or the floor or fabric, it becomes impossible to remove. Getting it off of fabric is more difficult than the other … Read more

The Loctite vs Gorilla Glue Battle – Is One Better?

loctite vs gorilla glue

Loctite and Gorilla Glue are two brands that have built a strong reputation as a maker of top-quality glues and adhesives. If you’ve been searching for good quality adhesive products on the market, you almost undoubtedly will have come across these names. Both offer great choices of glue, although each has their areas of specialization. … Read more

The Epoxy VS Super Glue Battle – The Best Glue for Your Project

Epoxy vs Super Glue

​When something breaks at home, work, or school, you need the right tools for the job to fix it properly. Epoxy and Super Glue are both strong, durable adhesives, but they’re definitely not interchangeable. Learning the difference will help you choose the best glue for your project. When it comes to epoxy vs Super Glue, … Read more