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Top 7 Best Yarn for Arm Knitting: Buying Guide For 2022

Arm knitting is a relatively recent craze in the knitting industry, and it’s hit with a bang!

Since 2013, crafters have been obsessed with this trend. There’s no shame to admit that I’m also obsessed with this innovative knitting trend!

Most importantly, you will need nothing but your hand and some yarn to start your knitting project. Simply purchase the best yarn for arm knitting, and you’re all set to begin your new piece.

​Arm knitting won’t just deliver you a gorgeous craft; it can also be highly beneficial for your health. The Independent reports that knitting reduces anxiety and chronic pain as well as slowing dementia and fighting depression.

However, before starting an arm knitting project, you have to know every single element related to the knitting project.

Let’s start with the basics.

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What Is Arm Knitting Yarn?

Before defining what arm knitting actually is, let’s talk a little bit about yarn itself…just in case you’re not quite familiar. Yarn is basically one kind of textile which is made of synthetic fibers, animal-based fibers, or plant-based fibers.

And the yarn that is most often used for arm knitting projects ​is widely known as arm knitting yarn.

The result of your knitting project ​primarily depends on the type of yarn that you choose to use.

However, ​experienced knitters commonly recommend using the following types of yarn –

1. US Merino wool

2. Craft store yarn

3. Vegan yarn

You may choose any of those based on your budget and project category.

​7 Best Yarn for Arm Knitting Reviews in 2022

Arm knitting is a marvelous hobby! Once mastered, you can create a beautiful piece in no time at all. Whether you’re making a cozy scarf, a blanket, or some other beautiful craft, you can generally do so within a day.

To knit a gorgeous blanket or sweater, using the best quality yarn is mandatory. In this section, I’ll describe the top 7 best yarns for your ​upcoming project.

1. HomeModa Studio Non-Mulesed Chunky Wool Yarn

Plain and simple is good. But using the same product may feel boring. If you can add some modern design and contrast over the plainness of your product, that will add a bit of life to the facade of your room.

And the HomeModa Studio Non-Mulesed Yarn will help you the most to add some color to your room and outfit too!

You can easily create lots of arm knitted products by using this HomeModa yarn. From the giant blankets to scarves, throws, ring infinity scarves, just name it!

If you are a beginner at arm knitting, you may start with the snoods or scarves. That will boost your confidence.

HomeModa yarns gain their intense popularity because of their unique softness and fine fibers. This fiber will bend comparatively more quickly than other fibers. The feature makes it an unbeatable product for the more giant bedroom crafts like blankets.

While knitting a giant product, every knitter is tensed about the shape. You know, if you use some low-quality yarn, it will lose the shape as it ages.

If you are still anxious about the quality, you should keep in mind that this wool is made of unspun wool.

You know, unspun yarns are one of the highest quality wools in the industry right now. So, the reliability of your product is assured.

Furthermore, this HomeModa wool comes with a higher elasticity, which keeps your crafts in good shape for a long time.

Fortunately, this yarn is dry clean compatible. So, cleaning isn’t a hassle anymore. You know, dry cleaning increases the longevity of your clothing.

HomeModa also makes this wool available for you in multiple colors and sizes to choose from. Thus you can have fun by experimenting with different fibers and stitching.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft yarn      
  • Bouncy texture  
  • Durable wool       
  • Dry cleaning compatible       
  • Multiple sizes and color options

2. Inverse Growth Giant Wool Yarn Chunky Merino Arm Knitting Super Soft Wool

If you prefer fancier and fluffier wools, the Inverse GrowthMerino wool could be your first choice.

This super-soft wool is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to knit his/her own clothing. Because of being soft, beginner level knitters can use this wool for arm knitting.

Inverse Growth yarns are well known for natural wool benefits. This yarn can keep you more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter. It’s incredible, right?

Even if you prefer to use luxurious knitted products, Inverse Growth wool is the one you might wanna dig in. The creamy texture of this wool provides a luxurious look to anything you knit with this yarn.

Furthermore, its luxurious skein is made with unspun wool. Unspun wools are durable by nature.So, you have nothing to worry about before using this material for your knitting project.

You can use this Merino wool to knit multiple products like pillows, scarves, chunky rugs, crafts, blankets, etc.Using this tool is also a lot easier than you may imagine.

Even novice users won’t face any difficulties while using this yarn.

However, you cannot use this yarn for felting. Unless you use felting too much, Inverse Growth might be the best arm knitting yarn you may use on your next knitting project.

Highlighted Features

  • Regulates temperature   
  • Super soft  
  • Fluffy    
  • Unspun wool      
  • Looks luxurious

3. FOHOMA Giant Wool Yarn Chunky Arm Knitting Super Soft Wool Yarn

The FOHOMA Giant Wool is high on this list as the best chunky yarn for arm knitting. This wool comes with multiple colors and sizes to choose from.

It is made of 70% wool 30% synthetic fiber. These premium materials make this product soft, elastic, and ensures ease of maintenance.

Along with these premium materials,this wool comes with several beautiful natural colors.The combination of natural colors and softy outlook, this giant wool feels good to this skin.

Unlike the regular white wool, it has comparatively more ‘tooth.’That’s why it can be an ideal fiber for beginners to start their knitting projects.

This 23-micron yarn allows you to knit some cozy and super thick products. Accessories knitted with this FOHOMA wool will definitely add some style in your room.

This yarn is ideal for hand knitting, jewelry making, 3D sculpturing, pet beds, throw blankets,or any other crafting that requires wool. To make a blanket, you’ll need about 7-8lbs of FOHOMA wool.

With this beautiful wool, you can make some soft and gorgeous quality birthday or Christmas gifts for your friends and family – including your pets too!

Besides the gorgeous color, this wool also fits well in any weather condition. Whether you live in Alaska or Florida, this wool will treat you well. It can regulate your body temperature to keep you warm and comfortable.

Remember, this wool comes in hand-dyed condition. So, don’t over dye it.

Highlighted Features

  • Combination of wool and synthetic fiber  
  • Highly durable    
  • Can regulate body temperature   
  • Can be used for 3D sculpturing    
  • Good for the beginners

4. DIRUNEN Merino Wool Yarn Big Chunky Yarn Super Wool

If you want a versatile Merino Wool, DIRUNEN might be the one you should choose. Its multiple color availability with premium quality will bring pleasure in knitting for sure.

DIRUNEN has some unique features like natural elasticity and active fibers, which makes it different than the other chunky wools.

The natural elasticity resists the wool from being stretched out. Thus,it becomes an ideal fiber for chunky blankets or massive crafts. You know, it is easier to incorporate this wool into different crafts.

To adapt with the body temperature, this chunky yarn comes with active fiber. Itis an excellent choice to knit sustainable clothing.

You know, active fiber suits well in every weather condition.Most importantly, it won’t get clammy when you are going outside from indoor.

Research conducted by NCBI shows that fabric has several impacts on regulating the heart rate and improving the sleeping condition. And, DIRUNEN offers you all of these facilities you may need from a yarn.

Thus, the products knitted with DIRUNEN wool are the right choice for your loved one. From the wedding or marriage anniversary to the bridal shower and housewarming party, DIRUNEN-made crafts are an excellent gift for any occasion.

Its soft and gentle texture won’t cause any itching on your skin. Thus, it is an ideal choice for newborn babies.

This high-quality yarn is an excellent choice for interior decoration too. Knitting a sofa cover or blanket with this yarn will add some comfort and beauty to your house.

However, this wool supports dry wash only. Never put it on your washing machine.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile   
  • Easy to use 
  • Natural elasticity  
  • Feels good on the skin       
  • Good for interior décor

5. FloraKnit Merino Wool Super Chunky Yarn Bulky Roving Yarn for Arm Knitting

If you are a beginner knitter and want to build some macramé crafts, the FloraKnit Merino wool might be the one you should choose. This FloraKnit wool is made of 100% pure merino wool. Pure merino wool has numerous positive impacts on human skin.

A report on Springer shows that pure merino wool has several healing properties. It stimulates blood circulation on limbs, cures back pain, arthritis, etc. And this wool is highly breathable too.

Knitting with this yarn is also pretty easy. Even novice knitters can make some gorgeous crafts with ease.

Moreover, its 20-micron fiber with 10-20mm of thickness is perfect for knitting the macramé crafts. The macramé crafts suit well in every indoor condition and also increase the beauty of your room.

FloraKnit Merino wool is available in a range of colors and sizes. You can choose any color to decorate your home with your arm-knitted creations.

Even if you want to gift someone, your FloraKnit creations will be a perfect gift.

By using the FloraKnit yarn, you can build anything like quality blankets, scarves, sweaters, or hats. Rather than that, this yarn is suitable for any products, which can be knitted with chunky wool.

However, this yarn is only dry washable. Do not wash it via washing machines. Machine wash will shrink it. Thus, your artifacts will lose their beauty for sure.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% pure merino wool  
  • Easy to use  
  • Good for beginners   
  • 10-20mm thickness  
  • 20-micron fiber

 6. MLMGUO Giant Merino Wool Yarn Chunky Arm Knitting Super Soft Wool Yarn

The MLMGUO is a ball of fantastic hypoallergenic merino wool and is well known for its softness and durability.

It’s a beautiful and outstanding unspun merino wool. This wool is suitable for not only arm knitting, but you can also use this for extreme knitting, crocheting, or roving.

Because of the incredible durability of this product, you can use this chunky yarn for knitting high-quality home décor and wearable dresses.

Furthermore, you can knit blankets, baby wears, cowls, scarves, rugs, etc. with this MLMGUO wool. Knitting with this MLMGUO super soft wool is enjoyable and relaxing.

The wool is so wonderfully soft and has some bouncy texture. This rich texture will help you to create some luxurious looked crafts.

A significant upgrade of this yarn is the hypoallergenic facility. Thus, this fiber will produce relatively fewer allergic reactions than traditional threads.

If you have hypersensitive skin, you should choose this fiber without any second thought.

Besides this hypoallergenic facility, this yarn can regulate your body temperature too. It means you will feel comfortable if you use this wool.

However, don’t knit tightly while working on a knitting project by using this yarn. Tight knitting will only harden your rugs or blankets.

If you want to feel the softness and quality of your blanket, stitch it loosely. It will make your products softer and more comfortable.

You should be cautious before washing this yarn. The MLMGUO Merino wool supports only dry wash. Machine wash is extremely harmful to this yarn.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable  
  • Softer 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Bouncy texture  
  • Good for extreme knitting

​7. FOHOMA Bulky Yarn, Super Chunky Yarn Washable Roving for Arm Knitting

FOHOMA bulky yarn is suitable for those who are looking for some handmade DIY projects.

Just like the previous Wonddecor yarn, FOHOMA is also made of cotton and filled with Polyester. Thus, it becomes an excellent choice to knit macramé, jewelry, 3D sculptures, dolls, or other crafts.

Because of its high-quality and low price, this yarn is a good choice for beginners. FOHOMA yarn is very easy to work with. Even beginners also find it very helpful to start an arm knitting project.

This bulky yarn is trendy among pet lovers. As this is a kid and pet-friendly thread, you can use it to make a comfortable bed for your pet or kids. This soft wool suits gently with your toddler’s skin.

Moreover, this yarn is very breathable. Thus, your kids can use this yarn without facing any difficulties.

Just like the ease of using, cleaning this yarn is also easier than you can imagine. You can clean this yarn by using your washing machine.

Even you don’t need to use warm water to clean this yarn. Cold water is good enough for this yarn.

Machine washing won’t create any shades on this yarn. Remember, you have to dry it thoroughly. Otherwise, it will increase the possibility of color fading.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy for the beginners   
  • Machine washable    
  • Kid and pet-friendly   
  • Easy to use    
  • Made of cotton and filled with Polyester

Things to Consider before Buying Your Arm Knitting Yarn

To become a pro in the arm knitting industry, you must have the proper knowledge of identifying the perfect yarn.

Follow the concise buyer’s guide below to find out everything you should know before buying the perfect yarn for arm knitting.

Material Quality

The quality of your knitted product primarily depends on material quality. No matter what, you should never opt for lower-quality material.

Most professional knitters suggest using US merino wool for arm knitting projects. Though it’s a pricier material, it will be worthy of your every penny.

Though the lower-quality yarns come at a lower price, these don’t last long. If you are on a tight budget, try to purchase beginner-level materials. But never compromise with the quality whenever possible.

If you want a budget-friendly yarn as a beginner, you may choose Patons Cobbles, Bernat Mega Bulky, or Red Heart Grande. All of these are good for beginners.


Durability is a primary concern before choosing a quality yarn. If you select a higher quality material like Merino wool or Vegan yarn, there’s nothing to worry about the durability. These materials are durable enough to serve you for several years.

Remember, the less durable yarns will get detached from the knitted products, and your house may be wrapped with the tiny yarns.

In the worst-case scenario, your whole blanket or the knitted product will tear apart just because of choosing a less durable material.


Nothing can beat the appeal of a soft and warm blanket in the winter days. That’s why you should check the softness of your selected yarn very thoroughly.

Washing Efficiency

Most of the yarns are machine washable. But, a few materials need to be dry cleaned.

You have to select the material based on your usage. If you want to make a toddler’s pillow or blanket, go for the machine-washable yarns. Thus, you can clean it frequently without any hassle.

How to Arm Knit for Beginners

Arm knitting is the easiest way to create a chunky garment within a few hours. If you are faster enough, you can build an entire blanket within an hour only!

So, here I’m gonna demonstrate the step-by-step process of arm knitting for the beginner (I mean super beginner) knitters. Let’s hit it!

Step 1:

At first, select a bulky yarn for your project. Make sure it contains enough yarn to complete the whole thing.

Step 2:

Now pull at least five feet of yarn from the stein as the initial step. Keep the rest of the yarns in your lap or on the floor. Consider these five feet of yarn as the tail of your entire yarn. You will start knitting from this point.

Step 3:

To initiate the casting, make a slipknot by using the tail. Then repeat it again downwards. To create a slipknot properly, make two different loops in your arm first.

Then pull the first loop through the second one. Thus, you have completed your first stitch.

Step 4:

Now set the tail aside and take the opposite end of your yarn. Then make a few other slipknots and keep knitting until you reach the end of the first row.

Step 5:

Once your left arm is fulfilled with the stitches, transfer it back to the right arm and start your second row. Continue the stitching until you reached the end of your yarn.

Step 6:

Whilst you are on the edge of the yarn, tie a knot to keep it in place. You may braid the edge into your blanket to hide the knot.

That’s the end of your journey of making your first product by using arm knitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of yarn is best for arm knitting?

Thick and chunky yarns are good for arm knitting. The US Merino Wool or Alpaca is popular among knitters. You may choose any of these.

Remember, the low-quality yarns will shed within a few months of using. It’s annoying.

2. Do I need longer arms for arm knitting?

Nope! Arm size doesn’t matter!

Almost all knitting yarns are soft enough to fit into a smaller place. There’s nothing to worry about your smaller hands.

3. How much yarn do I need to arm knit a blanket?

It depends on the size of your project and your knitting style.

For a regular blanket (45″ x 60″), you will need roughly 7 pounds of chunky yarn. If you prefer tight knitting, you may need slightly more than 7 pounds.

4. Can I take a break in the middle of a project?

Yes, you can! Simply pull off the loops from your arm, and your hands will be free. When you are ready to start from your left over, put the arm through the loops carefully again.

Once you’ve put all of the loops in your arm, you are ready to start from where you left off.

5. Is finger knitting the same as arm knitting?

Though the output is the same, the process is totally different. You have to use your full hand (from the elbow to the wrist) for arm knitting. And you have to weave the yarn between your arms during stitching.

On the contrary, you’ll need to use your fingers to do this task for finger knitting.

Arm knitting is suitable for faster knitting, and finger knitting is for developing smaller patterns more beautifully.

Best yarn for arm knitting: Final thoughts

I hope this post helps you to choose the best yarn for arm knitting. Though the stitching seems challenging at first, you’ll be surprised after realizing how easy it is!

Start knitting now and let us know how your project turns out!

Happy arm knitting!

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