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Ideas For Spring Crafts: Fun Projects for the Whole Family

Spring is the perfect time of year for making crafts. Everything feels new when the ground starts to thaw, and you feel energized to take on new projects. 

The best ideas for spring crafts get you and the kids involved in the garden and thinking about the outdoors. Painting decorations to use or sprucing up your tools are great ways to welcome spring. Using fresh flowers, Easter designs, and other spring motifs in your crafts will be another great way to incorporate the season into your designs. 

Whether you want to use crafts to improve the look of your home garden or to spruce up your home to welcome the Easter bunny, take a look at our great ideas for spring crafts. 

Spring crafts for kids 

We always love to get the kids involved in making crafts. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and get away from our screens. 

The best spring crafts for kids will be both easy and fun. Crafting spring toys together will mean plenty of fun long after you’re done creating your projects. Let your kids’ play inspire you to pick crafts they’ll love! 

Here are some perfect spring crafts for kids. 

1. Decorate a shovel and pail

What kid doesn’t love digging in the garden? An outdoor craft is a great way to get kids enjoying the sunshine and fresh air after a winter cooped up in the house. 

Prep your kids’ decorative pail craft first by sanding the plastic lightly and applying a primer or a base coat, otherwise the acrylic paints won’t stick very well. After that, the sky is totally the limit for what they can decorate! Make suggestions like a garden theme or some rainbows and rain clouds. 

2. Painted garden rocks 

Garden rocks with paints and brushes

Another great project using acrylic paints, decorating smooth stones is a great way to get kids interested in the garden. 

To make painted garden rocks, gather smooth, flat stones and wash them before letting your kids paint whatever designs they dream up. You can suggest butterflies or ladybugs for a spring theme. Consider using a paint sealer at the end to make sure the colors don’t fade over time.

You’ll feel so much happier about having to pull weeds if you get to look at their great designs while doing it. 

3. Flower crowns

A flower crown is a perfect craft for an imaginative kid. They’ll love making and wearing them!

To make flower crowns, use construction paper, pipe cleaners, or other craft supplies. Pre-cut difficult shapes for young children who might not have the skills yet. You can also make fresh crowns by braiding the stems of real flowers like daisies together. Start with long-stemmed flowers, and add more as you go.

Flower crowns can be great to enhance playtime, and they’ll enjoy wearing them everywhere. They’ll be proud to wear something they made, and you’ll be proud of them, too. 

4. Paper plate flowers 

Paper plates are an endless source of craft inspiration for kids. They’re cheap, so if your kid makes a mistake, it will be easy to start over.

To make paper plate flowers, they can paint on the plate as-is or cut the plate to resemble the outline of a flower. Use real flowers as a model and encourage kids to think about making the best flowers possible. Leave them to dry flat for a bit before hanging. 

5. Paper plate lambs

When you buy a pack of paper plates to make crafts with kids, you’re going to want some variety after flower after flower. Mix it up by filling your paper meadow with some little lambs! 

To make paper plate lambs, cut out ears, a head, legs, and a tail using black construction paper. Glue these shapes down first. Then, arrange cotton balls around the rest of the plate to look like wool. You can either draw eyes or use googly eyes for a funny twist. Leave them to dry flat a bit before hanging.

Spring crafts for adults

Decorating your home for spring can be so much fun using homemade crafts. As an adult, you can get a little bit more technical than painted rocks and paper plates. Here are some fun, engaging, and gorgeous spring crafts for adults. 

1. Paper quilled hyacinths 

Paper quilling can be used for all kinds of projects, but we especially love it for creating 3D hyacinth flowers. This centerpiece will last much longer than a real bouquet of fresh hyacinths, and you’ll be able to use it for years to come. 

Make little paper curls out of purple, pink, or blue quilling paper, then glue them together in a bunch to create a flower. Add green paper for leaves and a stem. Arrange the flowers in a Mason jar or other decorative glass. Check out our guide to paper quilling here to get started. 

2. Spring wreath 

What’s spring without a beautiful wreath on the door to greet your guests? Beautiful ribbons and baubles will look inviting on your front door or hung above a doorway in your home.

The beauty of a spring wreath is all the different kinds of materials you can use to inspire you. Ribbon is a great choice, of course, but it is far from the only one. Straw will give your wreath a rustic feel and can even look like a bird’s nest. Plastic Easter eggs are a whimsical choice!

You can use fresh-cut flowers in your spring wreath, but note that you’ll have to change them out periodically. Think about this and construct your wreath for easy change-outs if you want to use fresh flowers in your design. Green florists’ foam is a great choice to form your base.

3. Macrame floral hanger

Using a wire wreath frame and some macrame twine, you can put together a chandelier of fresh or silk flowers to hang over your kitchen table for a fun twist on a spring floral arrangement. 

To make a macrame floral hanger, begin with a wire wreath frame. Take four lengths of twine and tie them to the hanger. Use macrame knots to dress up the hanger for a spring boho look. Tie the four lengths together at the top, and use a secure ceiling hook to display the hanger. 

We have a handy guide on how beginners can learn macrame here. There are only a few simple knots to learn to make a hanging planter. Get fancy if you like, or just secure the twine as-is. 

A basic macrame flower pot hanger with some simple wooden beads is also a fantastic spring craft project.

Simple macrame flower pot hanger for spring

Spring holiday crafts 

Springtime means Easter, and Easter means entertaining family and friends. Here are some great Easter crafts for guests to enjoy around your table. 

1. Easter mason jars 

A great holiday craft is one that your guests can take home with them. Easter mason jars are perfect for this – especially if you fill them with jelly beans or other candy! 

Paint Easter mason jars with acrylic paint. Put down a base color first, then add a design after that layer has dried. If you prefer the glass to show, simply create your design without a base layer. For a professional finish, spray your projects with a sealer at the end to make sure the paint doesn’t chip.  

2. Yarn Easter eggs

This craft makes a great centerpiece or decoration for your Easter display. Using paper mache techniques, you can easily create modern-looking egg outlines that will have guests marveling at your creative twist on the traditional egg. 

To make yarn Easter eggs, use balloons to form the egg shape. Dip lengths of yarn into an adhesive paste and add them to your balloon form. You can use whatever color yarn you like. Arrange the yarn using straight lines. Check out our paper mache guide for some information about making your own paste. 

Your outline can be as open or as tight as you like. Less yarn in your outline will look breezy and minimalist, while a tighter outline will look more geometrical and modern. 

3. Lollipop Easter bunnies

This is a great craft to get kids involved with, too! Lollipop Easter bunnies are a fun favor to give guests at your Easter dinner. Kids and adults alike will think they’re almost too cute to unwrap. 

To make these bunnies, use a lollipop with a large surface area, like a Tootsie pop, and glue pom pom balls to create the bunny’s shape. Long pipe cleaner ears will follow up the lollipop’s stick. Googly eyes will add a funny touch, but you can also make eyes with construction paper or a simple marker.

5 Best crafts for spring

There are so many great options out there for festive spring crafts. To round things out, here are our top five picks for the very best spring crafts. 

1. Bead and pipe cleaner butterflies

A beautiful and functional craft, butterfly clips can be used to hang notes on your fridge by adding a magnet, or clip them to your place settings at dinner to hold name cards in place. 

To make bead and pipe cleaner butterflies, first, paint a batch of clothespins. Then, select pipe cleaners and beads in corresponding colors. String the beads on the pipe cleaners, then bend them to make wing shapes. Glue the wings to the butterflies. Add the magnet last, if you like.

2. Sock bunnies

Playful and functional, a sock bunny will look cute on an outdoor picnic table and keep your place settings and tablecloth from flying away on a windy day. 

To make a DIY sock bunny, fill a sock with rice about halfway, then tie it off. Put more rice into the “head”, and then tie that off. Cut the ends for ears, and you have your bunny. You can decorate him with eyes and a ribbon around his neck, or leave him plain. 

Here’s a great video to show you a quick method. 

3. Felt balls

Felt balls are a great choice for a spring centerpiece display. You can use them along with silk flowers, potpourri, or whatever else you might like to use. 

To make a felt ball, take felting wool and get it wet. Using a technique of rolling and shaping, you’ll turn the felting wool into a soft, round ball. After shaping, the ball will need to dry overnight before you can use it in other crafts. You can read our great beginner’s guide to making felt balls here. 

Felt balls add soft texture and great pops of color to a glass bowl on your table. Weave them into a macrame project, too, or string them as a garland. 

4. Resin serving tray 

How amazing will you feel serving your guests their drinks on a custom resin serving tray with pressed flowers from your garden? 

To make resin crafts, you’ll need epoxy and a mold. First, collect all of the things you’d like to be pressed into the resin. Then, lay down a base layer of resin into your mold. Arrange the items in the mold, then seal with another layer of resin. Let it set for about 12 hours, then turn out your molds.

Resin is by far the trickiest craft on our list, but it’s here for a reason. Resin creates some of the most eye-catching spring crafts we’ve seen online, and you can decorate them endlessly using whatever inspires you: glitter, beads, jewelry charms, even fresh flowers. Resin coasters, serving trays, wine charms, and catchall trays are just some of the great spring crafts you can make. 

For beginners, we like this video best – the method begins at the three-minute mark. Please note, if you’re planning to put food directly onto the resin, you must choose a resin that is food grade. Either way, you may want to err on the side of caution and use napkins as a buffer.

5. Birdseed hangers 

A fun and functional craft, making your own suet cakes or birdseed hangers is completely simple, and provided your store has a good selection of cookie cutters, perfect for spring crafting. 

To make suet birdseed hangers, mix birdseed with gelatin to glue the seeds together, then press into a mold. Poke a hole for your ribbon to go through. Wait for the seed to dry, then turn them out gently to prevent breaks and cracks. Hang them with a ribbon near your house.

Note that you’ll want to make sure your birds have somewhere to land while they eat. If the suet is hanging somewhere nobody can reach, you might be a bit disappointed when you don’t get any customers. 

Ideas for spring crafts – final thoughts

Spring is the perfect time to let inspiration guide you to make wonderful crafts. You’ll get into the new year mood when you’re busy creating crafts with your kids and displaying everything proudly in your home. 

These are just some of the best ideas for spring crafts – to us. Let us know in the comments if you’ve done any great spring crafts lately that we might want to try. 

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