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Top 8 Best Chandeliers for Dining Room Reviews of 2022

Adding an attractive chandelier is one of the best ways to give your dining room a luxurious appearance. Not only can you impress your guests, but it will also feel very elegant and satisfying to you and your family.

You might see one of these in someone’s house and wonder which one to buy that exhibits a more unique and gorgeous look.

There are lots of different units that boast different looks due to a variety of sizes and shapes.

However, if you can’t pick the best chandelier for the dining room that suits your interior design the best, most likely, you ​just need to keep looking. There is an endless supply of options when it comes to dining room chandeliers.

Here is a list of top-rated chandeliers to give your dining area a whole new satisfying look.

Need a quick decision? Check these top 3 picks.




Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Flush mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture

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Top 8 Best Chandeliers for Dining Room in 2021

There are a wide variety of chandeliers to choose from. This list is made considering those differences so that you can choose the perfect one to enhance your dining room interior.

1. Crystop Crystal Chandeliers Dining Room Modern Ceiling Light Fixtures Hanging Chandelier

Sometimes, it’s hard to illustrate the actual real-life scenario in an image. The picture of this gorgeous looking chandelier looks absolutely stunning, but it looks even more beautiful in real life.

This chandelier looks more expensive than what you need to pay for it. Your room decoration will enhance significantly due to its architectural structure.

If you want to express your style and preference, it would be a great way to show off your luxury.

You can mount 5 lights on this unit. The crystals will make the lights look stunning. It’s compatible with most E12 bulbs, including energy-saving, LED, dimmable, halogen, and more.

Due to its rectangle structure, the chandelier suits most dining, living, bedroom areas. You can also install it to light up your kitchen area as well.

Even if you decide to beautify your office room, the chandelier will add a more elegant and luxurious look.

The crystals of this lighting unit are made of glittering hanging clear materials. It gives the lights a gorgeous looking effect.

No matter whether it’s a dark or bright place, the chandelier will suit to that place without compromising interior setups.

Every time you turn on the lights, you will see the sparkling of light, colors, as well as shadows on walls, which feels very eye-pleasing.

Apart from how well it looks, the entire unit feels quite durable as well. The manufacturer packages the unit with great care.

Although it might take longer to install it, the steps are very simple and straightforward. Once you install it and turn on the lights, it would be worth spending every moment for this piece of excellence.


  • Great rectangular design
  • Glittering clear crystals
  • 5 E12 bulbs
  • Suits numbers of places of the house
  • Adjustable long chain for convenience
  • Comes with extra pieces of crystals


  • Doesn’t come with lights
  • Takes much afford to assemble

2.Kira Home Weston 24” Contemporary 5-Light Chandelier

Want to make your dining room more sophisticated and stylish? Take a look at what this chandelier has to offer.

To enhance the lighting condition of the room, you can connect 5 lights to this unit. Its alabaster glass shades give an elegant look to the entire room when you turn the lights on.

The sleek fixture arms seem pretty durable and paired with a brushed nickel finish, it looks gorgeous.

Its alabaster glass and sweeping arms make the fixture an attention grabber. The glass allows the bulbs to produce a glow, which is bright enough to enhance the beauty of your home.

You can install it in the dining room, kitchen islands, as well as areas that have high ceilings. Weston 24” is compatible with the sloped and dimmer ceiling as well.

No matter where you install the chandelier, it will give a contemporary appearance to your entryway or foyer.

Unfortunately, you will not get any bulbs with the package. You need to get LED or CFL 60W incandescent bulbs that have a medium base. To make it more convenient, you can adjust the height with its 72-inches adjustable chain.

The unit got a sleek design. Your guests will surely admire the design, and it might end up being an instant conversation starter for you.

Construction-wise, the lamp got an eye-catching finish, and all arms are correctly in line. As the glass is more like opaque white, using color bulbs will not change the color that will shine through it.


  • Great sleek design with an elegant finish
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Good quality materials
  • Adjustable hanging chain
  • Space for 5 bulbs


  • No tool inside the package

3.Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

I must say, this lamp boasts the most innovative design compared to the rest of the lamps on this list. Saint Mossi made this lamp with great care. Drop tests were also carried out to ensure you get a top-class chandelier for the money.

Due to its high-quality materials and components such as light sockets, electric wires, etc., this one easily stands for one of the best chandeliers for dining room.

Many cheap and low-grade lamps include acrylics, instead of crystals. With Saint Mossi light, you get real crystals that enhance the lighting condition of where you place it.

You can connect 6 LED GU10 bulbs in this lamp; it’s also compatible with LED lights. Even though it’s not a huge sized chandelier, you will require to spend some time and effort to be able to install it properly on the ceiling.

As the design goes, it will easily grab the attention of your guests. Its innovative raindrop design combined with true crystals gives it a stunning look. Whenever you stare at this piece of great work, it will soothe your eyes.

The material that touches the ceiling is made of stainless steel that ensures the durability of this product. Crystal clear raindrops don’t look gorgeous only, they are durable and sturdy as well.

You can install it in your dining room, bedroom, as well as kitchen space. The structure of the lamp will go easily with the décor of any place inside the house.


  • Innovative, eye-catching raindrop design
  • Real crystals
  • Top-grade materials
  • Holds 6 LED bulbs
  • Durable construction
  • PE film protects the surface from scratches


  • Not the easiest one to install

4. Laluz Farmhouse Kitchen Island Wood Hanging Light Fixture

Now it’s time for something different and unique than most traditional style lamps. This hanging light fixture got a unique woody construction that makes it look absolutely trendy.

If you are that type of person who likes some woody finish on pretty much every decoration, then you might like this one too.

The entire frame is pretty larger in size, and it’s made according to farmhouse style. But still, it got an urban industrial appearance, which most creative people admire very much.

Dimension-wise, the unit is 31.9 inches long and 10.6 inches wide. The rods are adjustable and got a maximum height of 40 inches. You can adjust the height with 10 inches increment.

Due to its design, shape, and size, you can install it in the dining room, living room, kitchen room, and many other places as well. Its iron base with a wooden frame look will easily grab the attention of guests.

Because of the wooden frame and cylindrical glass shades, it’s one of the best chandeliers for foyer without a doubt.

If you own a restaurant and looking for an attractive chandelier, this might be the right one. The canopy of this unit goes perfectly with both sloped and flat ceilings.

Although there is no dimmer switch that comes with the package, it’s compatible with a dimmer switch. You just need to get some dimmer bulbs and place them into the base and install a switch; then, you are good to go.


  • Great and unique looking light fixture
  • Eye-catching design
  • Suits a variety of spaces
  • Easy installation


  • Customers reported addressing the durability of the frame

5. 7PM Modern Linear Rectangular Island Dining Room Crystal Chandelier Lighting Fixture

This crystal chandelier from 7PM combines rectangular shape and raindrop design that sparkles from pretty much every angle.

The materials on this lamp are of high-quality. You get canopy and frame made of chrome stainless steel for utmost durability that also provides a decent outlook. To reflect the lights in an attractive way, it sports K9 clear crystals.

Its gorgeous crystals make the chandelier sparkle pretty good. The room will have a very soothing environment once you turn on the lights.

Your family members, as well as guest, will be overwhelmed by seeing the raindrop design and its beauty. Be prepared to get positive compliments from the visitors.

Due to its 32 inches size, the chandelier can be placed in the dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen island, farmhouse foyer, bar-restaurants, coffee shops, and many other household and commercial spaces.

No matter where you install the unit, it will add more elegance to that room or space.

Its adjustable pendant wire makes it even convenient to hang it on the ceiling as per your preference. The maximum height is about 59 inches.

You can place 7 E12 bulbs on the base. The lamp also goes perfectly with 40W LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen, and color-changing bulbs. You can also use dimmable bulbs, and control the settings using a dimmer switch.


  • Rectangular raindrop design
  • Adds elegance to space
  • Provides great sparkle through the crystals
  • Canopy and frame got chrome stainless steel
  • Adjustable chain
  • Can hold 7 bulbs


  • Instructions aren’t clear enough
  • Not the brightest chandelier

6. Meelighting W51″ Luxury Modern Crystal Linear Chandelier

If you are looking for a large and super bright chandelier lamp, this 51-inch unit will suffice your needs easily. Due to its 51 inches size, it can hold 12 lights, which is more than enough to make a room or space bright enough.

As far as the design goes, its rectangular shape combined with raindrop design gives the unit an elegant appearance.

Its stunning architecturally styled frame will easily grab the attention of guests. The frame got a matte gold finish, which makes the frame look absolutely stunning.

The manufacturer made this eye-catching chandelier with high-quality K9 crystals. This ensures the durability of the material as well as better light reflection.

It looks more beautiful than the picture. Your guests will have tough times to restrain their eyes from this fantastic piece of work.

You can place it anywhere in your house, including the dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, lobby, and many commercial places. The unit surely adds more to the beauty of the room and creates a luxurious environment.

Not all household or commercial spaces have similar floor to ceiling height. Therefore, you will find its adjustable chain super convenient to hang it in a perfect height.

If you consider its high-quality material and attractive architectural design, it’s hard to beat the beauty of it.

Apart from that, the durability is up to the mark. You will not face any issue regarding its longevity whatsoever.


  • Beautiful architectural design
  • Elegant matte gold finish
  • K9 clear crystals create impressive sparkle
  • Large in size
  • 12 lights ensure enough brightness
  • Adjustable chain up to 70 inches
  • Made of durable materials


  • Takes time to install
  • Expensive

7. BONLICHT Sputnik Lighting 10 Light Modern Starburst Chandelier

Want a simple yet beautiful enough chandelier to add elegance to the interior décor of your room? Look no further; this 10Light Starburst offers a unique appearance with enough brightness to your room.

All the lights are attached to a central metal ball that got a brushed nickel finish. When you turn the lights on, the fixture will provide a vintage yet trendy look that goes perfectly with the dining room, living room, bedroom, and many commercial spaces.

The lamp sockets are attached to the industrial sputnik arm. On top of that, the bulbs got a bare shade that reveals your vintage Edison bulbs.

The design provides a sleek and dope look to your room. At a glance, every guest will admire this excellent piece of the fixture without a doubt.

Great chandeliers are made of good quality materials. It’s not an exception to this one as well.

The canopy got a durable swivel, which you can easily mount on a sloped or vaulted ceiling. For perfect hanging, the length is adjustable as per your preference.

The fixture got an E26 bulb base, which is compatible with LED, CFL, Edison, incandescent, and halogen bulbs.

In addition to that, its fully dimmable feature allows you to use dimmable bulbs and control the brightness with a switch. You can adjust the brightness as per the situation demands.

Considering its 25 sq.m sizes, and vintage appearance, it’s one of the best chandeliers for the living room without breaking the bank.


  • Provides a unique vintage yet trendy environment to the room
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • For both sloped and vaulted ceilings
  • 10 lights with dimmable option
  • Adjustable height


  • Smaller option
  • The quality of the materials is average

8. Meelighting 9 Lights Crystal Modern Contemporary Chandelier

The last chandelier on the list from Meelighting looks luxurious due to its crystals while giving a contemporary appearance as well. It’s one of those lamps that suits both elegant and contemporary room décor.

Once you place 9 lights on the bulb base, the crystal around the bulbs creates very pleasing reflection. Although it’s not that bright, it is more than enough to create a soothing atmosphere in your room.

The unit got an E12 bulb base. Meelighting is kind enough to include dimmable halogen bulbs with the package.

It’s also compatible with energy-saving bulbs as well. You can install it in your dining, living, kid’s, and bedroom; also hallway, hotel, and porch.

With its 2700K color temperature, the chandelier creates an extraordinary effect to the appointed room.

The sparkle seems very pleasing to the eyes. You are going to get lots of compliments due to this expensive-looking piece of work.

The frame got a paint black finish that looks absolutely dope with its 4 tier luxurious design. You can position the fixture in a perfect height with its adjustable chain that allows you to adjust the height within 49 inches.

As far as the durability of this product is concerned, the materials are durable enough. It got top grade K9 crystals teamed with a high-strength cast iron frame.


  • Gorgeous looking contemporary chandelier
  • 4 tier design
  • Durable cast iron frame with K9 crystals
  • Adjustable chain
  • Eye soothing color temperature
  • Comes with dimmable halogen bulbs


  • Instructions aren’t clear enough

What to Look for in a Chandelier for Dining Room?

Pretty much all chandeliers ​offer some elegance or become a statement piece in almost any room. However, it’s not wise to randomly select one and install it without the right amount of thought and planning.

You need to take your requirements into account as well. There are factors that influence how well your room will look once you install a fixture as substantial as a chandelier.

Buying a chandelier for your house isn’t a small investment either. If you’re about to spend hundreds of dollars, make sure your money doesn’t leave your wallet in vain.

These are the key things to consider while selecting a chandelier –

Size of Your Room

A smaller sized fixture might look adorable to you; but, you cannot just buy and install it in your huge dining space. The fixture will look insignificant compared to the large space.

Similarly, it will look weird if you install a large fixture in a relatively smaller space.

Therefore, consider the dimension of your dining room as well as the furniture in it, and then select a chandelier of the appropriate size.

Make sure the chandelier hangs in the center of the table or room proportions. Don’t buy anything that is larger than your table in width.


The design of the chandelier also depends on the setup of the room. If you buy an elegant crystal fixture for a plain room, it will not look great, and you will not get the expected results.

In that case, a contemporary fixture with light shade would give the room the desired impressive appearance.

On the flip side, if you have a luxurious room or space, don’t look for anything except a crystal chandelier.

Fixtures with industrial design suit best in rooms that have a simple setup.


Different people have different preferences. Some people like to have a warmer atmosphere in their rooms, and some prefer more brightness. The materials like crystals highly affect the brightness of the light.

If all you want is to increase the brightness, make sure the crystals can reflect lights without dimming. You also have the exposed bulbs option to go with.

For those who prefer their rooms to have a dimmer light, go for a chandelier that has shades around the lights.

Room Ambiance

If you want to go with an elegant crystal chandelier, it will surely reflect the lights. Therefore, the overall ambiance of the room will change. Make sure the room matches easily with added ambiance.

Lights Compatibility

No matter which one you get, it should be compatible with most standard bulb base available in the market.

For more convenience, the unit should also be compatible with various types of bulbs, including energy-saving, incandescent halogen, LED, CFL, etc.

If you want to control the brightness, make sure the fixture comes with a dimmable feature. However, most chandeliers don’t come with a dimmable switch, and you need to get it separately.

Adjustable Chain

After all the hard and time-consuming installation, you might find the chandelier isn’t positioned appropriately; it’s too high or too low.

To prevent such a thing from happening, make sure the unit features an adjustable chain so that you can adjust the hanging position to make it perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big should a chandelier be in a dining room?

If the room doesn’t have any dining furniture, then add both the length and width of the room, the answer would be the diameter of a chandelier that you need to buy.

2. What is the right size for a chandelier which is positioned above the dining table?

You need to get a chandelier, which is ½ to ¾ width of the table. Don’t get a large fixture. It should be smaller than the table.

3. How long do you hang a dining room light fixture?

The general rule of thumb is to hang a chandelier at least 30 to 34 inches above the table if the ceiling is 8ft above the floor.

If the ceiling is higher than that, then for each foot of height, position the chandelier 3 inches above.

4. What is the best lighting for a dining room?

You can get a flush mount lighting, semi-flush mount lighting, pendant lights, etc. However, the best option that suits the dining room environment the most is chandeliers, especially if the table is large.

5. Can I use my dining room chandelier in any other room?

You can absolutely use your chandelier in other rooms as well. However, consider the size of the room, ceiling height, and décor of the room so that the unit matches that room perfectly.

Best chandelier for your dining room: Final thoughts

Getting the right chandelier for your dining room doesn’t only add elegance and luxury to the room, but good quality lighting also makes you feel relaxed and focused.

Hopefully, you have already decided which one to buy after going through this article of the best chandeliers for a dining room.

Before finalizing your purchase, be sure to consider the room size, ceiling height, and chandelier size so that it doesn’t look inappropriate.

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