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Best Thread for Quilting Reviews: Top Picks of 2021

Quilts, as elegant and rich as they look, can take up months of passion and hard work. Hand quilting leaves plenty of room to unleash your sewing savviness on threads and fabrics.

It goes without saying, you can create intricate designs on your quilts and mesmerize your guests with stunning embroidery.

Machine quilting works its charm when you have a lot on your plate. That brings us to our question, “What is the best thread for quilting?”

Because let’s face it, threads are the little elves that hold your quilt together and make your creative ideas an artistic reality!

Get ready to try out a variety of stitching techniques that you hold dear with the fine, vibrant threads we listed below!

Best Thread for Quilting in 2021

Here goes our rundown on top 9 threads for quilting. Let’s see what they have to offer!

1. Simthread 63 Brother Colors Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit 

Nothing beats a polyester thread when it comes to quilting! Its shine and sheen will give your embroidery a whole new look. And with 63 stunning colors, your quilt will be a work of art!

In the box, you are going to find 63 spools of solid-colored polyester threads.

You can now use all the colors you want in your precious embroidery project and make an artistic quilt! The set also includes a color chart and a color conversion chart of Madeira.

Simthread is one of the prominent thread brands you will find for the price, and their more than 20 years of manufacturing experience simply cannot go wrong in delivering you the best machine quilting thread ever.

What we also liked about this brand is its incredible color-fastness. The threads held up not only the color but also the shine after lots of washing, bleaching, and laundering.

They are made of 100% Trilobal polyester yarn and flaunt a modern generation thread-making technology. That said, expect zero breakage while you quilt away your masterpiece!

Highlighted Features

  • 40 weight thread is best for machine quilting and embroidery
  • 550 yards thread on the individually wrapped spools
  • High-sheen polyester thread with excellent color-fastness
  • Brothers Color name and number are labeled clearly on each spool
  • Improved spool design takes less space on your table
  • Trilobal polyester yarn makes the threads less prone to breakage

2. Connecting Threads 10 Cotton Thread Set 

If you’re willing to make a quilt to cover the entire town before the chills hit this Christmas, a whopping 1200 yard spool of 50 weight cotton thread is exactly what you need!

Each spool runs 1200 yards long; it’s such a big size considering the needs of a passionate hobbyist or a professional quilter. 10 assorted colors in red, pink, orange, green, and blue caught our eyes with their glorious sheen.

Apart from hand quilting, the thread spools will fit spindles on a standard sewing machine.

So, if you have a bit of sewing work to do, these threads will also come in handy.

And we loved its satin finish. Embroidery works are going to look breathtaking once you quilt with Connecting Threads!

As a quilter myself, I adored the fact that I could use it for tailoring on a sewing machine. The threads felt very smooth, and they were free of fuzz.

Although they were not as tightly spun as Coats and Clark’s, they were definitely as best as they could have been on a budget. You will get the texture of a premium quality thread.

In the “Fruit Salad” thread set, the colors are quite close to each other, giving you plenty of room to create some mesmerizing shades on your embroidery!

Highlighted Features

  • 50 weight thread spools are made of three-ply pure cotton
  • You can fit them on standard spindles
  • Ideal for both sewing and quilting
  • High luster is perfect for embroidery projects and exclusive quilts
  • Might be a bit thick for eyes of small needles
  • You get plenty of thread on a 1200 yard spool
  • Made of long-staple cotton for smooth, lint-free texture

3. New Brothread 40 Brother Colors Polyester Thread Kit 

When you’re working on a queen size or king size quilt, chances are you might run out of thread once you tune up your embroidery game. This set of 40 high shine polyester spools will put an end to your quilting supplies misery, and here’s why.

We are presenting you with the best thread for free motion quilting right here.

If you are new to the quilting world, you might be wondering if you can make the same elaborate designs on your machine. You can definitely do that with free-motion machine quilting!

It is a quilting technique where you lower the machine’s feed dogs and place nothing below the quilt sandwich for guiding the needle.

This way, you are in full control of the quilting path and motion, just like in hand quilting!

The pastels, the bolds, and the mauves- you get a fine assortment of 40 colorful threads in this kit. It can be the best gift you can get for yourself or the savvy quilter in your life.

The lint-free texture adds a glossy touch to your embroidery, making your quilts an incredible choice of bedding, wall hangings, and traditional clothing.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent color-fastness makes the threads sustain their vibrancy and texture
  • Comes with a Madeira conversion chart and color chart
  • 40 weight polyester thread is perfect for machine quilting
  • Not suitable if you prefer visibly seamless stitches
  • Lustrous spools of thread are perfect for making a decorative quilt
  • A broad selection of colors
  • You won’t face thread breaking on your embroidery machine

4. Blessew All-Purpose Polyester Thread 

A set of 24 spools of an all-purpose polyester thread is something quilters can’t do without. There is simply too much sewing, quilting, and piecing to do. That said, let’s see what BlesSew has in store for us!

If you’re fond of scarlet, burgundy, fuchsia, turquoise, and elegant colors as such, you are going to love this kit so much! Not only that, but you also get hard to find colors such as dark beige, green khaki, maple, old rose, blue sapphire, etc.

The brand BlesSew really swept us off our feet with their fabulous choice of colors. Not to mention, their all-purpose threads are perfect for machine quilting and hand quilting all the same!

From cushion making to quilting, repairing clothes to altering sizes, tapestry to tailoring, you will find a hundred ways how this polyester thread kit will be the prince to your rescue.

Since white and black are two prominent colors that have their uses from quilting to mending and everything in between, you get two spools of black and white threads each, and that is 2000 yards in total!

Yes, that’s right. Each spool in this set is a thousand-yard long. You can dress up a whole village and still have enough thread on your bobbins.

Highlighted Features

  • 40 weight two-ply polyester thread is suitable for many styles of quilting
  • Thick, lint-free, and smooth texture is perfect for embroidery
  • Elegant mauve colors in maple, dark beige, khaki, brown, and many more
  • Suitable for synthetic fabrics other than cotton and wool
  • Luster isn’t prominent on the threads
  • They fit almost every universal sewing machine

5. Luxbon Rainbow Polyester Sewing Thread Kit 

Excellent durability and color-fastness make the Luxbon spools a great choice for tailors and quilters alike. Their rayon and dacron mix make up a glorious 200 yards thread with a cool luster.

Dacron is a one-of-a-kind, versatile synthetic fiber that puts polyester and even cotton to shame in terms of durability, resistance to wear, tear, and whatnot.

It’s a particularly strong thread that helps you make quality embroidery meant to last for ages.

However, our suggestion is to not use dacron threads on cotton, linen, or any fabric on the softer side. You might also find the spool to be a bit larger to fit a standard sewing machine, and it can affect the tension.

Needless to say, the 200 yard spools are fairly short compared to the regular 500 yard or 1000 yard spools.

So, if you are not someone who likes to indulge in embroidery works once in a blue moon, the yardage is going to disappoint.

The silver and golden spools are specially made of 85% rayon and 15% dacron for that premium sheen. They will make your embroidery look buttery smooth and chic.

Highlighted Features

  • Dacron threads are stronger and more durable than other threads
  • 200 yard spools are short for big embroidery projects
  • 39 pastel colors in dacron threads
  • Rayon and dacron mix in the silver and gold threads make them shiny
  • Suitable for stitching, bed sheet lining, plush toys, and embroidery towels

6. Aurifil Mako 50 weight Light Beige Thread 

Aurifil threads are famous worldwide for their quality threads, and it’s so easy to see why. They are lint-free, tightly spun yet smooth! Not to mention, the 1400+ yard spools, unless you’re a tailor by profession, will last a year of regular quilting.

Not many of us would argue about the fact that Aurifil makes the best hand quilting thread for the price. The 50 weight light beige cotton thread can help you make some breathtaking wall hangings, table runners, quilts, and throw-overs.

Moreover, expect a clean, sophisticated embroidery because there is no thread break and fuzz at all.

The threads are strong, consistent, and smooth. If you are looking for an eye-catching luster, look for polyester threads instead. Sewing with cotton spools is so easy because they work with nearly all types of fabric.

Working with cotton thread on a polyester fabric won’t damage the clothing or bedding at the seams over time. It is because polyester is stronger than cotton. So, cotton thread is a safe choice for sewing, piecing, serging, and quilting.

Highlighted Features

  • Pack of two whopping 1422 yard spools of cotton
  • Perfect for hand piecing, long-arm quilting, and machine embroidery
  • Aurifil spools are a great choice for both hand applique, and machine applique works
  • 50 weight cotton threads are ideal for piecing patchworks

7. Connecting Threads 100% Cotton Essential Thread Set 

A spool of 50 weight cotton thread is all you need to take your quilting game up a notch. Making fabulous embroideries across your quilt is now made easier with this affordable set by Connecting Threads!

When you want to take quilting to perfection, looking for extra-long-staple cotton spools is a smart thing to do — because they are less likely to fuzz up and bulk around the needle eye. The expensive shine on the spools is prominent from the very first look.

What we love about Connecting Threads is their amazing selection of colors. Not only are there rich hues in deep red, blue, purple, green, and brown but also muted colors in the sky, mauve, pink, peach, and cream!

Next up, we have their spindle compatibility with all standard sewing machines. It makes them so useful for quilting and embroidery works.

These satiny threads sport a high sheen, thanks to mercerized finish. The color-fastness is also up to the mark.

We did not see any crocking on the quilts sewed with Essential Threads. That said, the rich dye is not going to rub off on your precious quilts when you wash them!

Highlighted Features

  • Lustrous and lint-free cotton threads make remarkable stitches
  • Spools fit standard size sewing and embroidery machine spindles
  • Extra-long staple cotton makes the threads extra smooth
  • They have a short 220 yardage
  • 26 frequently used essential colors with excellent vibrancy

8. Renashed 60 Color Sewing Thread 

Good tensile strength, incredible color-fastness, and the ability to stitch hard fabrics make this set of cotton spools one of our favorites!

You can know all the stitching techniques in the world and still get dull embroideries if you are not working with high-quality threads.

In case you are one step ahead of the regular quilters, making artsy embroidery on leather jackets, pants and bags must be something you like to play with.

The good news is Renashed threads are up for the task, and sewing leather clothes is no longer a problem!

250 yards of thread does the trick for many embroiderers, tailors, and quilters out there who stick to basic stitches. But those who like extravagance and tell stories in their stitches might not be that fond of these spools because of the fairly short yardage.

We also liked how the threads suit knitting, machine sewing, and hand sewing. They produced smooth cross-stitch, embroider, teabag, and crochet!

Highlighted Features

  • 60 colors 250-yard threads cover many ravishing color palettes
  • Strong yet smooth texture makes it easy to sew leather jackets and jeans
  • Suitable for cross stitching, regular sewing, and crocheting
  • Remarkable tenacity and color-fastness on the threads
  • Ideal for both hand sewing and industrial machine quilting

9. Superior Threads King Tut Egyptian Cotton Thread 

Oh, the things we could do with a spool of 40 weight extra-long-staple cotton thread! For starters, a spool of 3-ply 2000 yard cotton thread helps you make glorious stitches that shine.

The threads show off the finest spinning and twisting. On top of that, the dyeing and finishing were top-notch, creating a low lint thread that glides into the fabric like butter.

This King Tut thread was designed especially for longarm machine quilting.

Moreover, quilting on your machine at home and getting a professional finish will no longer be a dream. You are going to love how your machine works with this thread.

Flaunting a tight twist, smooth feel, and buttery shine, King Tut is going to be a smart buy if you want your threads to show up on the quilts instead of sinking in.

A 40 weight 3-ply cotton thread is ideal for giving prominence to your embroidery, applique, and decorative quilting!

Highlighted Features

  • A great choice for decorative quilting and bedding
  • 3-ply thick thread works best with needle #18 on longarm machines
  • Giant cone of 2000 yard low-lint and strong thread
  • Ideal for sewing needle #90/53 on standard home sewing machines
  • Produces heavy stitches that show well on the fabric

Features to Consider Before Buying Thread for Quilting

If you want to make your quilts look phenomenal, getting the best thread for the job comes first, without a doubt.

Below we are listing the key features you need to consider before adding a heap of spools to your cart!

Thread Weight 

The thread’s weight is simply how thick it is going to be. A lower number means greater thickness, while a higher number means more fineness. And a 50 weight 2-ply thread is suitable for piecing the quilt’s top cover.

A 40-weight cotton thread makes an excellent choice for doing prominent, embroidery-style stitches to give your quilt a snug feel.

Color-Fastness and Vibrancy 

Polyester and rayon threads have a remarkable sheen, giving your quilts a dreamy and expensive look. Their color-fastness and durability are also great.

Cotton threads are dyed in the mercerization process, a textile treatment that decides their dye uptake and shrinkage.

High-quality mercerized cotton threads won’t fuzz up, leak dyes, or crock, and to top it all off, they have a spectacular silk-like glaze!

So, go for mercerized cotton threads or polyester threads if you want to quilt colorful wall-hangings and beddings.

Thread Type and Yardage 

Polyester threads are the best choice when your quilt is specially made for bedding. There will be a lot of movement, and you would want the seams to stay strong.

Vibrant rayons are ideal for machine quilting and decorative works alike. While silk threads are best left for applique due to their richness, you might also prefer them for making invisible stitches.

Changing the spools when the thread runs out is something like cleaning your house; you have to do it, but you stall anyways.

It hinders the flow of work but a small inconvenience compared to the goodness of finally finishing a patch of embroidery.

Satin vs Matte Finish 

Matte cotton and tapestry threads are perfect for doing matte embroidery on your quilt. This style is mostly seen on traditional quilts.

A satin finish is desirable when you are working with clothing, throw-overs, bedding, and home decoration essentials. Polyester and metallic threads are excellent for damask stitches and satin stitches in embroidery.

Hand Quilting vs. Machine Quilting 

Threads for hand quilting have a wax coating for passing through the needle eye without linting up or puckering around the needle.

Using a hand quilting thread on a sewing machine might transfer the wax to the delicate metal parts inside and damage them.

There are threads specially made for hand quilting and machine quilting; then, there are all-purpose threads that suit both lines of work.

Types of Quilting Thread Brands on the Market 

Just like jeans, threads from different brands will have their very own texture and feel, even though they’re of the same weight and color! We have rounded up 4 of the top quilting brands to help you find the right one.

Coats and Clark Threads 

Coats & Clark Star Quilting Thread is 100% variegated and mercerized for improved luster and strength. The spools have excellent yardage that makes them ideal for long arm quilting machines.

Moreover, their core-spun 100% polyester all-purpose threads are available in 30 weight 2-ply option.

Aurifil Threads 

If you like hand applique, English paper piecing, machine embroidery, and free motion quilting, you are going to adore Aurifil’s 80 weight cotton thread.

Aurifil Longarm 40 weight variegated polyester thread is a must-have for quilting with style!

Connecting Threads 

Connecting Threads is the go-to brand for quilting hobbyists and full-time tailors.

Their 1200 yard low-lint cotton threads come in a variety of colors, giving you a lot of elegant hues to work into the quilts.

Gutermann Threads 

Gutermann Sew-All thread fulfills the dreams of all sewists. These threads are ideal for any stitch type on both hand and machine quilting.

Seam crimping and fiber lint, although apparent with cheap threads, are not something you face with Gutermann threads.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are mercerized threads better for quilting?

Mercerized cotton threads are extra lustrous due to the special treatment they receive in production. They are good for quilting because of their shine, vibrancy, and color-fastness.

2. What weight thread should I buy for sewing patchworks?

50 weight 2-ply or finer cotton threads are perfect for sewing patchworks that make up the top cover of your quilt.

You can use the same 50 weight cotton threads for sewing up your quilting sandwich.

3. What type of thread should I get for making embroidery?

Glossy and loosely twisted 6 strand cotton threads are best for embroidery works. Rayon, linen, and silk are equally incredible threads you can use in the embroidery machine.

Quilting polyester threads and 30 weight to 50 weight cotton threads also work.

4. How do I make my stitches show better on the quilt?

50 is the standard weight number for quilting, a lower weight (higher number) thread is ideal when you want the stitches to lay low and invisible.

Use a thicker weight (lower number) cotton thread for big, obvious stitches.

5. Are cotton threads as good as polyester threads?

Cotton threads are not that smooth compared to polyester threads. That said, polyester threads have better longevity and shine.

But cotton threads work best in the long run because they don’t stress fine fabric at the seams as polyester does.

Final Words

Finding the best thread for quilting from our list is pretty easy once you know your personal style.

We have presented some of the top-quality, lint-free, and vibrant threads in all types and textures to take your quilting to new heights! Happy quilting!

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