How Long Do Cricut Blades Last

How Long Do Cricut Blades Last

When your Cricut blade is at the end of its life, it’s pretty easy to tell: tricky weeding, wasted material, and constantly upping that pressure. But how long do Cricut blades last? It’s important to have an idea of how often you’ll need to replace your Cricut blade so you can avoid those classic annoyances … Read more

Cricut Joy Vs Silhouette Portrait: The Best One for 2022?

Cricut Joy vs Silhouette Portrait

We’re big fans of our Cricut Joy. We love it for its total simplicity, super portability, and all of the amazing projects we can make with it. We’re doing a series about our Cricut Joy right now, so be sure to check out our other articles, too!  You don’t have to be in this space … Read more

How to Clean and Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again: The Ultimate Guide

How to Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again

As a Cricut owner, you know how heartbreaking it can be to throw away a perfectly good mat just because it’s starting to lose its stickiness. If you’re wondering how to clean a Cricut mat, and how to make Cricut mats sticky again, you’re not alone. Whether you’re creating paper crafting masterpieces or an incredible … Read more