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How to Clean and Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again

Cricut mats are basically known as mats which are utilized in the famous Cricut machines. They are generally produced using elastic and are incredibly tacky to the touch, enabling you to stick your paper, vinyl or whatever material you’re utilizing to the mat.

That allows it to slide uniformly through your machine and to be kept flawless and set up during the cutting procedure. They are intended to keep going for around 25 – 40 uses.

However, if you clean them, you can make them more long-lasting. In case of cleaning your mats and restoring its stickiness, you can do light cleaning regularly.

And, more thorough cleaning when the mat has gotten unnecessarily filthy. There are lots of approaches to include another layer of stickiness to these mats.

The Problem of the Mats Losing their Tackiness

After some time, and with a lot of utilization, your Cricut slicing mat will begin to lose some of its stickiness. It will presumably experience the loss of material, and its cement quality will begin to vanish once again.

This will begin to meddle with the integrity of your cutting, prompting an absence of exactness and your material going into disrepair in the machine once it is cut.

Numerous users become fed up with their Cricut cutting mats very quickly. It is because they don’t remain sticky for a long time.

The users pay a lot of money to buy one of those mats. They are extremely useful and also expensive at the same time. However, they becoming ineffective becomes a problem for the users.

Thus, to counter this issue, numerous scrappers have fabricated diverse strategies for making the mats last longer or making them sticky once more.

However, you can always buy a new one once it gets non-sticky and dirty, but that would mean spending money again. Instead, if you follow some basic steps, you can retain the stickiness of the mats, allowing you to use them for a very long period.

Different strategies should be maintained to clean and re-sticking the mats.

Cleaning the Cricut Mats

The main thing you have to do once you understand that your mat is losing its stickiness is to clean it. Further durability of the mat will depend a lot on your method of cleaning.

To get the job done, you can follow these steps which can be done very quickly and efficiently:

  • Give It A Gentle Wash

Start it off with a light and gentle way so that the latter procedures become comfortable and practical. As a part of this step, you have to rub the mat off with a plastic scrubber, either Cricut mark or some other kind of hard plastic scrubber.

Then you have to keep the mat out for some time and start cleaning it gently with spare clothes and also hands. Use gloves for maintaining proper hygiene.

  • Rub the Surface with Soap and Water

If you have utilized your mat over and over and the tackiness is almost completely gone, the surface may require a light scour. Put a little measure of dish cleanser and warm water over the surface and scrub it lightly with a delicate brush. After that, wash the surface off with warm water.

Delicately clean the mat with a fabric, delicate brush, delicate wipe, or enchantment eraser, and wash thoroughly. You could also make use of a Magic Eraser that will get rid of any dirt build-up.

In the end, let it dry before you start the re-sticking methods. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

  • Using a Baby Wipe to Clean the Mat

Baby wipes are one of the most effective methods of cleaning the Cricut mats. After scrubbing, you can use a baby wipe to clean it.

To complete the procedure, you have to tenderly wipe down the mat with unscented, liquor-free, moisturizer-free, and bleach-free wipes.

The whole point of using such plain wipes is to ensure that you will not be covering your cutting mats with extra creams, oils or solvents. Such things could meddle with the stickiness and separate the cement.

This could be a very effective method if you can execute it properly. All the specks of dust and dirt could be scraped off quickly if the baby wipes are being used.

  • Using a Sticky Lint Roller

To complete the procedure, you should run a sticky build-up roller over your Cricut mat to expel dust, filaments, bits of paper, and hairs.

It’s an incredible method to get rid of any fragments or bits of paper stuck to the mat, rather than attempting to use a pair of tweezers.

At a point when the buildup roller or covering tape is stickier than the mess, it pulls all the culpable hairs and bits of paper right off the mess! This method works particularly well on older cutting mats.

This should be possible consistently, between usages, when you forget to cover your Cricut tangle, or at any point you see bits and filaments gathering on the surface.

  • Spraying a Degreaser

If your mat is exceptionally messy and has no stickiness to it, you should utilize a more grounded, more precise form of cleaning.

Degreasers have such chemical substances which help to remove heavy dirt easily. It will go through any dirt with just one swipe. One con of using it is that it can leave a buildup, so the mess on the mat should be cleaned with cleanser and water after utilizing the degreaser.

Using a solid degreaser may reduce the adhesive layer on top of the mat. Be that as it may, you can fix the stickiness after the mat is dry again.

  • Using an Adhesive Remover

An adhesive remover is a compound that can break the synthetic bond of glues. There is a wide assortment of glue removers just as there is a wide range of glues available.

Every adhesive available has a unique equation/concoction structure. In this way, a glue remover has been designed carefully to separate a specific kind of glue. Adhesive removers can either be harmful or nontoxic.

The adhesive remover is handy when it comes to removing strong glues. The more you allow the remover to rest, the more of the tackiness it will get rid of. 

The correct removal will rely upon which dissolvable you use, therefore, read the headings on your jug. If this is your first time, you might just let it sit for a couple of minutes to expel the grimy surface layer of the strong adhesive.

  • Using Sandpaper

Using sandpapers as a way of cleaning the Cricut mats could be risky. However, the grime sometimes might be tough to rub off, and thus sandpapers can be useful. 

After scrapping the mat off the ground, let it air dry for some time. Then gently rub the dirt out of the mat with the help of sandpaper.

You have to be very careful with the usage of sandpaper as it can affect your mat if not used properly. After the cleaning is done, wash the mat with water.

After that, you should keep it under the sun and dry it. Then, you can start the re-sticking process when you think it’s ready.

Making the Cricut Mats Sticky Again

As I have stated earlier, the Cricut mats do not stay effective for a long period and are expensive to buy again and again.

Regarding getting the correct solution, you should take proper measures to clean it and also make it sticky again by following some basic things.

Here are few steps which you can follow to make your mat sticky and useful again:

  • Taping Off the Edges of the Mat

First of all, clean the edges with spirit and later dry it for some time. The careful selection of tape is crucial for this step.

The sides of a Cricut tangle should be free of any tackiness, as this is the piece of the mat that can go through the Cricut’s rollers. To guarantee that you don’t get any glue in this area, you should tape them off with painter’s tape or veiling tape.

The area that you have to tape off can be set apart with shading. These shaded zones must be on all four corners of the mat, outside of the lattice design.

  • Applying Glue

Applying glue can be an effective way to make the mats sticky again. But you have to use the glue appropriately.

To complete the procedure, you have to apply the paste to the inner, gridded bit of the Cricut mat. Utilize broad, even strokes that go smoothly over the mat.

Make an effort to avoid getting any paste on the edges of the tangle. On the off chance that you do, just wipe it off promptly. If you can tape the edges first and later glue the inner part, you can get a better result.

  • Applying Strong Adhesive

There is an assortment of glue items that individuals use to revive their mats. They are accessible at art and stationery stores, and from online retailers too.

Some can be slathered over the surface, and some should be brushed on. However, all of them need to be put on in two or more coats.

You can make use of other spray glues or thick pastes that are appropriate for the mats. Since these strategies are much messier than the paste pen, you should cover the edges of the mat with concealing tape to shield them from the paste.

Cleaning Cricut mats: Final thoughts

Cricut mats are expensive, and if you don’t want to face the trouble of changing it, make sure to clean and make them sticky again.You should also take proper care of the mat.

Always remember to cover them when they are not being used. Try not to destroy them and keep them dry and clean. It will pay off in the long run.

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