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Different Types of Adhesive Tapes and Their Uses

On a daily basis, we need to stick things together, to attach something, or even to fix things up. Most homes and households have adhesive tapes of various kinds as all of them are used for different reasons. Some of them have a stronger hold, while others have a weaker one.

This write-up here will give you an in-depth understanding of all the different kinds of adhesive tapes available for purchase and why you might find them useful when you are working on some project or even some home or schoolwork. Different ones will be of different use, and here is a basic guide on that.

Different Types of Tapes

Below we’re going to talk about different types of tapes on the market.

  • Duct Tape

This is the first one on our list of types of adhesive tapes, it usually comes in the color grey, but now more and more colorsand patterns of duct tapes are available now in the market. This particular type of tape is coated with polyethylene.

The number of uses of this product is many as it is inexpensive and is quick to repair many kinds of things.

  • The Box-Seal Tape

Itis something you absolutely need if you have some boxes to pack. They are used to seal boxes of all types. People usually start by putting it on the middle and then run it to the sides to seal up the sides. You can also layer it up in case you need some extra protection.

  • Elastic Therapeutic Tape

This thing is a k-tape which is used to help out with different types of discomfort and pain that happened due to an injury. The tape is very stretchy, and thus,it is easy to move around with this one. And research conducted on it says that the tape is good at giving relief.

  • Bondage Tape 

They are a bit different compared to other tapes as this only sticks to itself and does not latch on to other things. So, in case, this ever sticks to your hand you don’t have to worry about it hurting when you pull it off.

  • Gaffer Tape 

It is made of cotton cloth. This is more frequently used in the films or theatre to tie up cables or even fix up broken equipment. They can easily be torn off by hand. The tape comes in different colors, which is great if you want the tape to hide well in with the background or stand out.

  • Pond Liner Seam Tape 

This thing is used to fix any type of leakage or drainage from your pond. The drainage is inevitable, but with this tape, you will be able to save pond life. It is very durable and waterproof, so you don’t have to think much about any leaks in your pond.

  • Gecko Tape 

It is still in testing, but the positive news is expected about this. Made of synthetic,it is said to be very strong.The concept of the tape is that it tries to replicate the strength of geckos made to support more weight.

  • Floor Marking Tape 

This one can be called a heavy-duty tape which is used specifically to mark out directions and divide floor spaces. This is much faster than using paint on the floor and is also much more accurate.

  • Electrical Tape 

It is most often used to insulate items that conduct electricity. This tape is made from plastic or sometimes even vinyl as they are able to insulate electricity very well.

  • Double Sided Tape

They are very convenient when you want to put two items together. There is adhesive on both sides of the tape. While one side is going to be attached to one item and the other will be attached to another. The best part of the tape is that you won’t be able to see it.

  • Gorilla Tape

It is one of the most versatile tapes as it comes in various different colors, shapes, and sizes. Its uses are much like the duct tape. However, this is more commonly used for outdoor things. That is mainly because it's not as stretchy as the duct tape.


These are the common types of tapes that you can find when you are out looking for adhesive tapes. All of them have their own uses, but you have to identify when tape to use which one.

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