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How To Use And Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Using Heat Transfer Vinyl the first time ever can be quite intimidating. I’ll admit it, there are certain little bits people find sort of tricky but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze!

If you feel like you require a thorough, detailed guideline on the use of HTV, keep reading and practice!

A Beginner DIY Project!

Here is a step-by-step guide for complete beginners learning to work with vinyl. You will find that the right tools and some careful administration will result in just what you want! A perfectly decorated shirt, bag, or pillowcase! Whatever you wish for.

Gather Your Ingredients

To work with vinyl, you must first acquire certain tools that will help you along the way. These are:

  • A cricut or silhouette machine.
  • A blank shirt, bag, pillowcase, or whatever you want to print your design on.
  • A design of your choice, in the form of a cut file, preferably.
  • Vinyl sheets of your chosen colors.
  • A heat press or an iron.

Cut Your Design

For this, you will need a cricut or silhouette machine, specifically made to cut vinyl sheets into the designs you want. You must also have a software that enables you to choose and specify what and where to cut.

You could use Cricut Design Space, or Silhouette Studio software, depending on the machine you are cutting with.

In the software, choose the cut file and Mirror it. Doing so is necessary so that when you paste your design on the cloth, it shows the right side up.

Using the software, give out directions, so that the vinyl is cut just the way you like it. There are various different tools in the software that will make this process seamless.

Once the cut file is set up and ready to cut, take the vinyl of your choice and place it in the cutting machine. This is also called loading the machine.

Always make sure that the vinyl is facing down. There is a back to the vinyl sheet which is sticky and the colored vinyl itself does not stick. The vinyl must face down or the cut will not be perfect.

Once it is all set up, click “cut” on your computer and you will see that your machine has started working.

Peel Off The Excess

Once the machine is done cutting, you can start to reveal the actual design made in vinyl. Like it was mentioned before, the back of the vinyl sheet is an adhesive. Your job now is to peel the excess vinyl off the adhesive and just leave the design on.

Start peeling from a corner and that will reveal where your actual design is. If you face any problems finding the cuts on the vinyl, simply bend the adhesive paper a little, and the edges will start to show.

Be careful during this part because you might mistakenly take the design off!

You will know when you are done peeling, if you flip the paper and the design shows perfectly the right side up.

Time to Iron!

Take the adhesive paper, now with just your design on it, place it on the item of clothing you want to print it on. Make sure the cloth is on a flat hard surface, like an ironing board or table.

If you are using a heat press, just place the cloth on the heating surface.

Place your paper sticky side down on to the spot you want to print it. Now, either set your press to the desired temperature and press the lid down. Or, take your iron, choose a high heat and start pressing the design down.

Leave the heat press on for 10-15 seconds, or until the vinyl is firm enough not to peel. With the iron, you can leave it on for longer, and check when the vinyl stops peeling. Remove the heat as soon as the vinyl is set or you might damage the material.

Peel And Go!

Peel the plastic or adhesive paper off the cloth. You will see that it comes off smoothly. If it does not, put it back under the heat for a few more seconds.

Once the paper has been removed, you will see that the vinyl design shows perfectly on your material and the item is ready for use.

Final Words

There you have it! An easy, simple way of printing out customized designs for your fashion items. Now, you can wear your art and show it off to your friends. And if you want, make a gift out of these beautiful creations. Happy crafting!

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