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11 Best Types of Paper for Art and Crafts – How to Choose

Crafting can be so simple and require very little in terms of materials to get something wonderful and fulfilling in return. Sometimes simple things in life can bring awesome rewards because they are simple. Paper crafting can be one of those activities.

Paper crafts have been around for centuries, but knowing the best types of paper for art and crafts and how to choose the right one can be a little confusing. There are a LOT of choices out there.

History traces paper crafting way back to ancient folk art. Over time, the types of paper that artists use for their arts and crafts projects have evolved. Handmade art paper was the norm before the crafting industry was born.

Now, we have choices with almost every aspect of our art and crafts paper, like color, texture, pattern, and so much more.

Once you have the basics down with the different types of paper for art and crafts projects, a little creativity and innovation with your craft paper choices and materials will help you create incredible and unique crafts.

Creating paper flowers, snowflakes, origami, or colorful paper baskets out of craft papers and other art materials doesn’t just allow you to explore your creativity but also promotes long-term health benefits. It helps with improving social skills and also in combating stress.

You can even use old newspapers and magazines to add some texture and jazz up your artworks.

Most Common Types of Paper for Art and Crafts

Well, there are many types of craft paper to choose from. You can mix and match a couple of these craft papers to create embellishments or functional pieces. 

To get started with crafting, all you need is an inspiration and the right type of craft paper.

1. Card Stock

This is stronger compared to the plain paper, which is ideal for creating cards. There are card stocks available in plain or solid colors, as well as one with patterns.

As card stocks are thick and heavy, this would not be ideal for folding and can be used for making scrapbooks or greeting cards for your loved ones.

Card stocks have a smooth surface that gives you the freedom to get creative. You can cut it in different shapes and put pictures or messages in it. Also, you can paint it to create a personalized message or branding to it.

2. Washi Paper

This is also popularly called a specialty paper that is handmade from India and Japan. It's actually created out of mulberry trees that are abundant in those places. Hence, it's also referred to as mulberry paper.

You will definitely love the myriad of interesting textures that it provides your crafts.

The paper would have unique and palpable traces of stems and leaves, which create a very organic and fresh vibe to it. It also has long fibers that you can use for embossing.

As you can see, it has this raw appeal and looks that is perfect for romantic or dreamy crafts. This can be transformed into different patterns and designs that you can use for cards, decorative pieces, collage, souvenirs, and journals.

3. Tissue Paper

If you want to include tissue paper into your crafts, then you must be very careful not to soak it wet because it could rip apart. It's made of a very porous material that won't hold up well in case you get it wet. You can't use glue with it too.

In this case, tissue paper would be great for party decors, gift wraps, paper flowers, toppers, pompoms, and gift baskets. This can also be a filler for a gift bag.

You can also opt to use this if you run out of crepe paper. It may be porous, but it's best for making intricate details for flowers and the like.

You can also create party streamers or decorations from tissue paper. And you can use soy-based inks to add color to it.

4. Origami Paper

This is a very brilliant and interesting craft out of paper. The word is of Japanese origin, with "oru" that means "to fold" and "kami" for "paper."

Origami has, however, originated from China. The most popular origami design is the crane, which symbolizes peace.

There are different styles, colors, patterns, and textures to try when creating origami. It could be very complicated when creating origami, so it takes precision, patience, and creativity to get everything in a seamless piece.

5. Construction Paper

Also referred to as “sugar paper” in the UK, the organic and raw feel with the wood pulp felt on the material makes it an interesting material for your crafts.

This is one of the most popular craft papers used in school. It’s great for kids or for those with smaller hands as it can be easily styled or cut with a scissor. It’s also budget-friendly.

It comes in different colors that can help you create anything that you have in mind. You have the option to choose lightweight or heavy construction papers, depending on what you want to create.

The only downside is that the colors could fade easily, which is ideal for crafts with kids but not for professional crafting purposes. It's also flammable, which could be a bit dangerous.

6. Paper Bags

This is essential for scrapbooking. Paper bags are made mostly of paper, cellophane, vellum, and glassine, which, when styled, can make a stunning, functional piece and can also be used as party decor.

7. Glassine Paper

Typical products made out of glassine paper would be bags, packaging, envelopes, cards, and scrapbooks. It is made of a translucent material that creates that enigmatic appeal.

This is also a classic favorite for museum artists because it can help protect their paintings, documents, and other museum pieces.

8. Vellum Paper

This one is commonly used for invitation cards as an overlay. It looks pretty much like glassine but is more matte in appearance and also heavier. You can only fold or crease it once because overdoing it can lead to crack on the paper.

9. Crepe Paper

Crepe is a traditional craft material that can be played around because of its multitasking feature. It's very versatile as you can cut, tie, glue, or iron it.

It has this grainy and raw texture, which is great for making party accessories, paper flowers, streamers, and even costumes. 

This would easily rip, so be careful when handling it. It's also available in different colors that would help you wow anyone with your creations.

10. Kami Paper

This is designed for paper quilling. It's a great material, especially for those who are still testing the waters with crafts. 

And it has different colors for each side, which makes it extra appealing compared to other craft papers in the market.

11. Tant Paper

If you want something different for crafting, then you can try this out. It's a very flexible material that has a texture that makes it easy for you to scribble anything on it.

Also, it has solid colors that won't fade easily, which is great even for professional crafting.

Final Thoughts on the Best Types of Paper for Art and Crafts Projects

Exploring your creative side is easy if you have the right materials and types of craft paper to get you started.

Craft papers should always be on your top list because it provides you a plethora of craft possibilities even on a shoestring budget.

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