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Thermoflex Plus vs Siser Easyweed | A Detailed Comparison

Thermoflex Plus and Siser Easyweed are two different types of products used for heat transfer vinyl printing. HTV is a method used by many manufacturers for decorating bags, shirts, and other different clothing materials.

If you are trying to figure out which machine will be the right one for you, keep reading because you’ve come to the right place!

Lea​rn The Details First – Thermoflex Plus vs Siser Easyweed

When it comes to choosing the right HTV, a lot of factors must be considered. You must remember that whatever these machines are producing will be supplied to a large number of customers. And the main goal of any industry is to provide the consumers with what they want.

You’d want them to keep coming back, wouldn’t you?

There are specific aspects you must concentrate on when buying an HTV machine. You would want to look at the number of colors a machine provides or the materials it supports. Here is a list of all you must know to decide upon your preferred tool!


While the Siser Easyweed gives a semi-matte finish to its prints, the Thermoflex Plus always ensures a full matte print.

Available Colors

The colors of both will vary as per the width chosen. However, Siser Easyweed offers a total of 43 colors. The Thermoflex Plus offers 64.


Comparatively, Siser Easyweed is less versatile in material usage than Thermoflex Plus. The former offers the option to use materials like cotton, polyester, neoprene, leather, and poly/cotton blends.

Thermoflex Plus allows a larger variety of materials, namely, cotton, linen, wool, lycra, spandex, uncoated polyester, poly/cotton blends, and poly/acrylic blends.

The machines may support a few other types of materials but that can only be determined with tests, which the user is urged to carry out.


Siser Easyweed has a little more versatility when it comes to the range of widths. Thermoflex Plus offers 15”, 20” and 30” while Easyweed also gives you the same with an additional 12”.


Siser Easyweed offers a 90 Micron thickness. Comparatively, Thermoflex Plus has a little more than that, 100 Microns.


In this day and age, you would expect an HTV machine to allow layers. And both of these do! However, the Thermoflex Plus has one limitation. The color, Columbia Blue, cannot be layered.


Getting a good peel out of the vinyl sheet being used is very important. Siser Easyweed allows you to peel at both temperatures, hot or cold. For Thermoflex Plus, you will want to wait until the material is warm or fully cold to peel. When it comes to the Light Blue color, you must only peel when the material is cold.

Pressing Temperature

Siser Easyweed requires around 305oF temperature, while the Thermoflex Plus requires 330oF.

Pressing Pressure

The amount of pressure a machine provides is very important in this production. Siser Easyweed gives an even, Medium level pressure. Thermoflex Plus gives you a firm, even but Medium level pressure.

Pressing Time

The time taken for a work to be completed is directly related to its efficiency. Siser Easyweed requires a 10-15 second press time, while Thermoflex Plus requires 15 seconds. So, you do the math!

Thermoflex Plus vs Siser Easyweed: Final thoughts

The specifics signify how widely different these two machines are, that yield similar materials. Using this detailed comparison, you can now decide which tool to opt for.

Keeping in mind the efficiency required for work, and the factors that come into play to make a device work better and faster, the perfect decision can be easily made!

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