Candle Vs Diffuser – Decadent Scents Served 2 Ways

Candles vs Diffusers

A great scent can really round out the atmosphere in your home or apartment. It’s no secret that scents and smells can trigger memories. They can make you feel happy, sensual, relaxed, even confident.  Some studies show there are smells that can even boost the productivity of your brain. When I’m working, I always light … Read more

Different Types of Curtains: From Frugal to Fancy

different types of curtains

Setting up a new set of curtains for your living room? Looking for a way to update your bedroom valances? Just ​hoping to give your home windows a fresh, new look? Whatever you’re ​intentions, having a good knowledge of the different types of curtains out there can be very empowering when it comes to designing … Read more