Embroidery vs Cross Stitch: Creative Needlework for Crafters

Embroidery vs Cross Stitch

There are many different ways to work with needle and thread, but embroidery and cross-stitch are two of the most popular. The difference between embroidery vs cross-stitch lies in technique, but there’s so much more that goes into answering this question. Cross-stitch is a form of embroidery, so they are different but related forms of … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Types of Thread for Sewing and Their Uses

Types of thread for sewing

Sewing is a relaxing and rewarding hobby, but a beginner can be easily overwhelmed when looking at the wide variety of types of thread for sewing that’s available in stores. Choosing the right thread for your project is important, and this guide will show you exactly what you need.  First, I’ll discuss some things you … Read more

Quilting Thread VS Sewing Thread: The Epic Sewing Battle

Quilting thread vs sewing thread

​In the world of sewing, thread choice ​is one the most important ​decisions that you’ll make along the way. ​While there are many different kinds of threads to choose from, the battle always seems to narrow down to quilting thread ​vs sewing thread. It can be a difficult choice when you’re a novice and you … Read more

Best Thread for Quilting Reviews: Top Picks of 2021

best thread for quilting

Quilts, as elegant and rich as they look, can take up months of passion and hard work. Hand quilting leaves plenty of room to unleash your sewing savviness on threads and fabrics. It goes without saying, you can create intricate designs on your quilts and mesmerize your guests with stunning embroidery. Machine quilting works its … Read more

How to Thread A Sewing Machine for Beginners


Threading a sewing machine can sound intimidating for an absolute rookie. But it is, in fact, a very uncomplicated process. Following the right steps can lead to fruitful and accurate stitches and with practice and experience, you will find that it is an absolute piece of cake. Even though sewing machines can be of different … Read more