Candle Vs Diffuser – Decadent Scents Served 2 Ways

Candles vs Diffusers

A great scent can really round out the atmosphere in your home or apartment. It’s no secret that scents and smells can trigger memories. They can make you feel happy, sensual, relaxed, even confident.  Some studies show there are smells that can even boost the productivity of your brain. When I’m working, I always light … Read more

How To Make Glitter Tumblers With Epoxy: Great for Gifts!

How to make glitter tumblers

Learning how to make glitter tumblers can be a fun way to create memorable gifts for friends and loved ones. The process can be a little involved, but with some persistence and patience, you can learn this fun craft in no time. Don’t expect to finish this craft in an afternoon. At minimum, this process … Read more

How to Make Felt Balls – Easiest Step By Step Guide

how to make felt balls

Felt balls are probably among the most appealing yarn products you can make, and you’ll be shocked when I tell you how easy they are to create. Whether you’re ​displaying them ​as decorations on their own, or using them in other projects, learning how to make felt balls is a skill that you will use … Read more

LED Printer VS Laser Printer – Which One Should I Get?

LED Printer vs Laser Printer

With the advancement of printing equipment, there have been innumerable printing options available for both office and home use. These include inkjet, solid ink, LED, and laser. Although all the digital devices have their remarkable features, LED and laser printers are the best options for toner-based actions. Both these printers are durable options when it … Read more

Quilting Thread VS Sewing Thread: The Epic Sewing Battle

Quilting thread vs sewing thread

​In the world of sewing, thread choice ​is one the most important ​decisions that you’ll make along the way. ​While there are many different kinds of threads to choose from, the battle always seems to narrow down to quilting thread ​vs sewing thread. It can be a difficult choice when you’re a novice and you … Read more

How To Spray Paint Graffiti Like a Pro

How to spray paint grafitti

The first rule of graffiti is that there are no rules. In fact, graffiti has come into being in order to break the stereotypical rules. This makes it much more than just some colors on a wall, a canvas, or any surface that will hold paint. It’s an emotion, a sense of independence. Today it’s … Read more

How to Paint Wood Crafts Like a Pro

How to Paint Wood Crafts

There lies a substantial difference between an ‘okay craft’ and an ‘excellent craft.’ Surprisingly, that difference can sometimes be overcome with just the proper finish for your piece! It should fit your style, and it should fit the project as well. However, learning how to paint wood crafts properly can help you to create something … Read more