What is Paper Mache: Beautiful Masks, Boxes, and Much More

What is Paper Mache

Paper mache, or papier-mâché as you’ll sometimes see it spelled, is a technique used to sculpt and decorate that uses layers of paper and adhesive. You might remember it from your elementary school art class, but paper mache has a rich history and many beautiful, practical uses. So, what is paper mache, anyway? Paper mache … Read more

What is Paper Quilling – History and Guide for Beginners

What is Paper Quilling

What is Paper Quilling Paper quilling is one of the simplest and cheapest crafts out there. As a beginner, learning how to roll these little strips of paper into dazzling works of art is a great choice, as you’ll be able to proudly display intricate artwork without much practice. Making art by quilling paper is … Read more