The Loctite vs Gorilla Glue Battle – Is One Better?

loctite vs gorilla glue

Loctite and Gorilla Glue are two brands that have built a strong reputation as a maker of top-quality glues and adhesives. If you’ve been searching for good quality adhesive products on the market, you almost undoubtedly will have come across these names. Both offer great choices of glue, although each has their areas of specialization. … Read more

How to Get Spray Paint off Plastic Like a Pro


Painting is understandably quite a tough job. Sometimes, mistakes happen, and remedying that is never easy. Especially, spray painting might be a little tricky. Brushes can be quite precise, but sprays? Oh boy, they are hard to control. Maybe you’re a cosplayer making a new costume to go with your character. Or you’re an artist … Read more