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How To Make Glitter Tumblers With Epoxy: Great for Gifts!

Learning how to make glitter tumblers can be a fun way to create memorable gifts for friends and loved ones. It's also a great way to spend time crafting with friends and family at home.

The process can be a little involved, but with some persistence and patience, you can learn this fun craft in no time.

So, let’s get started.

Required Materials for Making Your Own Glitter Tumbler

  • A stainless steel tumbler
  • The recommended epoxy for metal is Loctite Epoxy Metal/Concrete
  • Glitter; go wild and choose whatever glitter you'd like for your tumbler project
  • Spray paint, which is necessary to create a base coat
  • Mod Podge; it is the most common decoupage medium - It contains not only glue but also a sealer and finish in one
  • Silicone brushes for painting
  • Coat spray
  • Vinyl or decals
  • Cutting machine, such as Cricut (optional)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper

That may be a long list of supplies, but they'll be super useful in making a beautiful, artful tumbler. Also, most of the supplies on this list are common and very reusable in any crafter's supply cabinet.



Tape off both the top and bottom of the container. While you should be using an FDA approved epoxy, it’s still preferable to not let your mouth come in contact with it.

The epoxy might break due to pressure applied on the bottom as well, hence the tape is a good idea.

Spray Painting

Spray the paint from a distance of about 12 cm from the tumbler. Use a spray paint of a color similar to that of your desired glitter color.

This paint creates a foundation for the glitter you are going to add. Moreover, minus this base, you might have to empty an entire bottle of glitter on one tumbler.

Also, if there’s a spot that the glitter was less applied to, it wouldn’t be much visible due to the spray paint.

How To Make Glitter Tumblers With Epoxy - The Process

In this section, we’ll walk you through all of the steps and show you how to end up with your own stunning glitter tumbler.

Step 1: Adding Glitter to the Tumbler Itself

You really want to start this process only after the spray paint is dry. The Mod Podge method of adding the glitter is described below.

Painting Mod Podge

First off, paint the Mod Podge on the container with a silicone brush. Try to maintain a thick even layer.

Using Spinner

Using a spinner is the easiest way of smearing glitter on it. As the top and bottom would be taped off, the tumbler would be horizontal, so you can effortlessly pour glitter on the container.

Placing Printer Paper

Placing a printer paper below the tumbler is a great way of collecting the extra glitter, later on, that falls through. 

Crease it by the middle, so that you can let the excess glitter freely flow back to the glitter container. Avoid waste!

Being Brisk

Be sure to move quickly in the process so you can be finished before the Mod Podge dries off. Otherwise, it would be difficult to make the glitter stick later on.


Use high-quality glitter which is colored through rather than just on the surface. This is so that the shine is retained even after sanding in the subsequent steps.

On your first try, it might look chunky with glitter lumped here and there. Don’t worry, just reapply Mod Podge and smear a second layer of glitter.


Allow the Mod Podge and glitter to dry. It may take a few hours, or even overnight.

Coat Spraying

Finally, use coat spray to firm the layers. You can brush off the extra solids or glitter that remain.


Peel off the tape around the top and bottom of the cup and replace it with new strips of painters’ tap.

This second set of tape should be applied in such a way that there's a slight area of stainless steel showing between the glitter and the tape, which is about to be covered by the epoxy.

Step 2: Mixing and Applying Epoxy to the Glitter Tumbler

Applying the epoxy is probably the most intimidating part of making glitter tumblers due to how technical it is. First up, you have to set up the tumbler turner.

You can make it with household items if you are creative enough, or you can ease the process by simply buying one. The good ones let you adjust it as per the size of the tumbler.

Make sure the turner is perfectly horizontal because if it’s at an angle or off-balance, the epoxy will be uneven. Use paper plates underneath to collect epoxy drips.

Mixing Epoxy

Mix the right proportions of epoxy- resin and hardener. Let the thinner part pour on to the thicker part slowly with a popsicle stick.

Applying Epoxy 

Pour epoxy on the cup and turn it slowly. Smooth it across the cup as it rotates until you get all the epoxy on the cup, and the tumbler is covered with it.

Spinning the Tumbler

Once all the epoxy is on the cup, keep it spinning. Wait about 5-10 minutes, and carefully remove the tape from both the top and bottom.

Otherwise, it’ll be sealed under the epoxy layer. Let the tumbler turner spin the tumbler slowly for 6-8 hours.

Step 3: Sanding and Applying Vinyl To Your Glitter Tumbler

After the spinning is done, the epoxy would likely feel sticky. Take the tumbler off the turner and let it dry for as long as required, which could take several hours.


180-220 grit sandpaper is most compatible with sand down the glitter tumbler. This may make it look scratched up. You have to sand until it’s relatively smooth.


Rubbing the tumbler very well with alcohol on a cotton ball is important to smoothen the surface.

Applying Decal/Vinyl

If you wish to modify the beauty with a decal, this is the time. The cutting machine will come to use in this case.

Holographic adhesive vinyl decals are very attractive. In order to seal the decal, you need to apply a final even layer of epoxy.

Repeat the same aforementioned steps, including tapping the edges to mixing the two parts of epoxy as well as spinning the tumbler for another 6-8 hours.


This time when you remove the tumbler from the tumbler turner, let it set for several more hours so that it can completely cure.

The epoxy tumbler should now be smooth and glittery. Remember to not sand the tumbler this time.


Such glitter tumblers with vinyl are not dishwasher safe, hence they must be washed by hand.


There you have your very own tumbler with an elegant artistic touch! This thing is not only convenient and handy as a container but also adds beauty to your belongings.

It’s sure to catch attention. Once you’ve created your own glitter tumbler, pat yourself on the back, because as you must have realized by now, knowing how to make glitter tumblers with epoxy is no piece of cake.

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