Quilting Thread VS Sewing Thread: The Epic Sewing Battle

Quilting thread vs sewing thread

​In the world of sewing, thread choice ​is one the most important ​decisions that you’ll make along the way. ​While there are many different kinds of threads to choose from, the battle always seems to narrow down to quilting thread ​vs sewing thread. It can be a difficult choice when you’re a novice and you … Read more

How To Dye Fabric: An Expert Guide


There are times when you buy something thinking it’s one color, but the bright lights of the store or the picture you see online might end up deceiving you. So the only way for you to recover from that is to either go back to the store and replace it with one that you like. … Read more

3 Easiest Ways to Remove Super Glue from Fabric


Our easy fix for everything that is broken is super glue. It can put back a million things together as its hold is very strong. So strong that when it falls on your hand or the floor or fabric, it becomes impossible to remove. Getting it off of fabric is more difficult than the other … Read more

Heat Transfer vs Screen Printing: Learn Which is Better

heat transfer vs screen printing

If you’re thinking of customizing t-shirts for yourself or your friends, or you’re planning a new small business, you​ might be debating…heat transfer vs screen printing. Right? Understandably, ​a lot of people today don’t really know much about the different types of printing processes available to them, especially when it comes to manufacturing t-shirts. But … Read more

How To Remove Heat Transfer Vinyl From A Shirt


Haven’t there always been times when you felt tired of the same old shirts with boring prints? If you could, wouldn’t you get rid of the little cartoon on your striped shirt, that’s been keeping you from channeling your inner Coco Chanel? Or, maybe you found the perfect black top but it has “Daddy’s Little … Read more