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Top 10 Best Super Glue For Plastic in 2022 (Recommended!)

Is there a home out there that doesn’t have breakable plastic items? I can bet my bottom dollar there isn’t.

Our homes are full of these breakable plastic items that may need repair sometimes. You don’t have to buy a new one every now and then.

Now, plastic is a non-porous, smooth material. Therefore, it can be challenging to glue the pieces back together, especially with the wrong adhesive. Take, for example, the carpenter’s glue (polyvinyl acetate, cannot work well with plastic.

But you should keep in mind that an adhesive that can work with one type of plastic may not work with another (we will look at this later in the article). However, the best adhesive that will adhere to most types of plastic is super glue.

So, which is the best glue for plastic? I know you might have asked yourself that question; I was equally inquisitive at first.

However, I used a specific strategy to find the perfect glue for bonding plastic parts, and I will be sharing that with you.

Generally, this guide is dedicated to that person looking for the right glue for plastic. It’ll also give you tips on how to use it safely.

Let’s get down to business.





Here are a few quick picks from Amazon if you’re looking for the best of the bunch to get started

What is Super Glue and What Are the Benefits of Using It For Plastic?    

I’m sure you can answer that super glue is an adhesive product, which hold parts permanently and in a matter of seconds. Nobody would condemn you for that.

However, that’s not entirely the right definition. You see, there is a name for this glue, but ‘Super Glue’ is just a general term given for its ability to hold on tight and permanently on materials.

Super Glue has an industrial name known as Cyanoacrylate glue, and it is an acrylic resin that will form its strong bond in a few seconds.

The term cyanoacrylate means quick-bonding adhesive. Over the years, super glue has been used to bond metal, plastic, wood, glass, and even human skin.

Typically, most traditional glues will be water-based. However, cyanoacrylate glue is made of an acrylic resin.

The cyanoacrylate is an acrylic monomer that will transform into a plastic state after drying. Also, cyanoacrylate will only bond with a surface in the presence of moisture.

In other words, that super glue that you are planning to use will not form a bond or stick to a perfectly dry surface.

What happens during the bonding process is that the molecules in the cyanoacrylate glue will form a reaction with the moisture.

In turn, this will form a tight chain between the two surfaces. The reaction will generate some heat in the process and will occur instantly.

Here are some of the reasons for using a tube of super glue (Cyanoacrylate) to bond your plastic items;

  • It is easy to apply. All you have to do is smear the super glue on the broken end and attach them.
  • It dries quickly. Super glue is known to dry in seconds. Sometimes it can even dry before you attach the pieces – so you have to be fast when applying it.
  • It can be used to bond dissimilar materials, like plastic to wood, metal to plastic, and more.
  • It is resistant to harsh chemicals and solvents. The Cyanoacrylate glue will perform well in harsh environments where the product might be exposed to motor oil, gasoline, or toluene.
  • They are very affordable bonding alternatives.

The Top 10 Best Glue For Plastic

1. Gorilla Clear Super Glue 15 Gram

We kick off our list with this incredible super glue. It comes from Gorilla Tough, which is a leading adhesive company that has been making high-quality glue for over 25 years.

This glue comes in a 15-gram tube, which assures you of high strength and quick curing time. You can not only use it on your plastic supplies but also on multiple household projects.

It can be helpful when you need to bond any material including metal, wood, plastic, paper, leather, rubber, and more.

With this super glue, you’ll enjoy an instant bond that lasts for a long time. It is an excellent option for creating a long-lasting repair in a matter of seconds. Speaking of fast bonding, this one will dry in 10 to 45 seconds. The best part is that no clamping is needed.

However, it is always advised to press two surfaces together to get the best bond as you use the glue. It’s just not a must to do it.

I loved the fact that the glue comes with some rubber particles to increase the impact resistance and strength.

This way, you can easily handle the bumps and drops with ease. Furthermore, the bond will remain strong and beat the normal wear and tear.

There’s an anti-clog cap that has a metal pin inside. This is not for aesthetic reasons, but it offers an airtight seal. In other words, your super glue will not dry up when you store it. This lets you depend on it for maximum reusability.

Notable Features

  • It dries in 10 to 45 seconds
  • Features rubber particles that increase the impact of resistance and strength
  • Works perfectly on any material
  • No clamping needed
  • Comes with an anti-clog cap to prevent glue from drying out
  • Features a metal pin in the cap offers an airtight seal

2. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

They say size doesn’t matter, and that is true about this glue. It comes from yet another top manufacturer, Loctite.

Loctite has been a leading adhesive products manufacturer since 1956. So yes, this is one of the best super glue for plastic.

This super glue might be one of the smallest on our list in a 4-gram tube, but it offers a robust and long-lasting bond.

What makes it unique is its form. It is not clear and in liquid form like other glue on the list. Instead, the glue comes in a gel form that is rubber toughened for a strong bond.

This gel will offer you a flexible, impact, and water-resistant bond to your plastic. In other words, you won’t have to worry about water loosening the bond when it gets in contact.

Since the gel comes in a thick form, you will be sure of a no-drip consistency. This makes it perfect for vertical application on porous surfaces and when filling minor gaps between the parts.

You can use it to bond any surface including cork, leather, ceramic, metal, wood, fabric, chipboard, rubber, paper, and plastic.

Any minor project around the house that needs bonding will be easily handled with this small super glue gel.

The specific rubber-toughened formula will enable it to stand up against vibrations, shock, or extreme temperatures. After applying, the glue dries clear, which will maintain the look of your material.

It features patented side squeeze-design that offers you better control and lets you apply the exact amount that you need.

Furthermore, the glue comes with a self-piercing, screw-on cap that will keep the nozzle clog-free and your glue fresh. This way, you will be sure of using fresh glue whenever you want.

Notable Features

  • Rubber-toughened formula gel for a strong bond
  • Bonds quickly in about 15 seconds
  • Good for vertical application
  • Patented side squeeze-design for easy application and control
  • The screen-on cap keeps nozzle clog-free for maximum reusability
  • Best for bonding small parts
  • Applicable on any material

3. Super Glue 15187 Clear Gel

For those that want too much for too little, here is a match made in Heaven for you. It is very cheap and comes in a pack of 12 to serve you for long enough.

So yes, this is a pack of 12 super glue tubes that come in 2-gram each, but that should be enough to serve you with your minor projects around the house.

The good best part is that these 12 tubes are packed in a handy, reusable container. You can use it to store some items, including some documents like receipts.

It comes in a clear gel form. This is something good because you can apply it vertically unlike the liquid glue.

Also, it doesn’t have any adverse aesthetic effect on your material because it is clear. Ideally, use it on non-porous such as rubber, metal, or plastic.

When you apply the glue, it will bond instantly and set in just about 10 or 15 seconds. You can be sure of enjoying a strong bond between pieces when using this glue.

It will work perfectly both between clean breaks and on smooth surfaces. Each tube comes with a screw-on cap, along with a red o-ring to prevent it from drying up as you keep it closed.

Notable Features

  • 12 packs of 2-gram tubes
  • It bonds in less than 15 seconds
  • The tubes are packed in a reusable container
  • Ideal for non-porous surfaces
  • Comes with a screw-on cap and a red O-ring to keep glue fresh when storing

4. Gorilla Super Glue Clear Gel

This is yet another product from adhesives top manufacturers, Gorilla Tough Adhesives. If you love their products, but you don’t want the liquid, runny form, you can go with this gel.

The glue comes in a clear gel form to assure you of a swift, no-run application. It also comes in a 15-gram tube like the first product on the list.

According to most superglue sizes, this is a decent size to serve you for a long time without running out.

The interesting part is that you only need to apply a small amount of the gel and it does the magic. The glue bonds on your broken pieces and smooth surfaces impeccably.

Plus, it has a fast-setting, which will dry in less than 10 to 30 seconds. And yes, you don’t need to clamp the pieces for the glue to hold on tight – though it never hurts to do so, especially if you want a strong bond.

Just like most Gorilla Super Glue, this one also has an impact-tough effect. It features rubber particles that boost the impact resistance and strength.

Plus, you can use it on just about any surface, including rubber, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, leather, metal, and more.

So, it will not only be useful when bonding your plastic projects. Whatever needs proper bonding, this glue will handle it correctly.

What’s to love about this gel is that it can be applied vertically without any problem. Since it is thick enough, it will not drip or run as you apply it. This gives you more control when you apply it on the surfaces.

Furthermore, it comes with an anti-clog cap that will keep it from drying out. In other words, you can be sure of reusing the glue over and over again while it maintains its original quality.

Notable Features

  • It comes in a clear gel form
  • Easy to apply vertically
  • It offers a no-run application
  • Bonds in less than 10 to 30 seconds
  • Features an anti-clog cap to prevent it from drying out
  • Comes with rubber particles to boost impact resistance and strength

5. Loctite Liquid Pro Super Glue

It would be an adhesive crime not to mention another product from Loctite. Well, it is just 20 grams, but that is large compared to most super glue out there.

This professional super glue from Loctite comes in a 20-gram tube that will serve you for a reasonably long time.

But that depends on how many times you use it. It offers superior performance and works fast on your surfaces. In just about 10 to 20 seconds, this glue will hold strong on your surfaces.

You can use it for your plastic items, and even for fixings figurines, broken cameras, costume jewelry, metal car parts, toys, rubber seals, O-rings, as well as wiper blades.

This can be your ideal DIY partner or when you need to fix minor breakages around the house.It is considered as one of the best glue for plastic on the market

The pin-point nozzle allows you to direct the glue to your pieces as you desire. It dries clear, which will not leave some bad-looking residue after curing.

The super glue liquid doesn’t only dry fast and clear, but it also has low viscosity. This means that it will spread evenly on the surfaces to give you an easy time.

You won’t have to spread it with the nozzle. This is the perfect glue choice when you want to bond smooth and close-fitting surfaces.

It can work comfortably on just about any material. This means it can bond leather, cardboard,chipboard, metal, cork, rubber, ceramics, fabric, and plastic.

The self-piercing, screw-on cap will help you when you want to puncture the glue for the first time. It also fits on tightly to prevent it from drying.

Notable Features

  • Comes in a 20-gram tube
  • Dries clear and in 10 to 20 seconds
  • Multi-purpose and multi-surface glue
  • Pin-point nozzle for better control when applying it
  • The nozzle and cap remain clog-free for maximum reusability

6. Glue Masters Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate Glue

If you thought the 20-gram tube was large, you need to meet this glue from Glue Masters. As the name suggests, it is made by one of the reputable brands that are professionals at making quality adhesives. This one comes in a large, 56-gram bottle.

But it wasn’t just the size that made me pick this glue among the best super glue for plastic. Instead, it has some amazing properties that make it a reliable glue to have around the house.

The glue offers premium quality industry strength that comes with one of the strongest bonds. This glue assures you of a fast cure, along with an extended shelf life.

Okay, it will dry fast, but not as fast as most super glue on our list. This one will take around 50 seconds to set and bond.

That might be because it is thicker than most other products on our list and out there. It is thick and easy to control as you apply on the surfaces.

If you are a hobbyist and you love working around the house on your DIY projects, be sure to enjoy working with this glue.

Whether you are working on models, puzzles, or you are you want to fix the broken toys in the house, this glue will serve you accordingly.

The versatility of this glue is amazing because it can work on any surface all along. You can even use it for your carpentry projects.

Now, one of the top things that made us go with this glue is that it is different from other super glue out there. The manufacturers of this glue go a step further to offer a 60-day guarantee.

If you don’t experience what was promised, you get your money back. You won’t find that kind of offer on most super glue out there.

Notable Features

  • Comes in a 56-gram bottle
  • Thick and easy to apply
  • Dries in about 50 seconds
  • Can be used anywhere around the house and on any surface
  • Long and pointy neck for easy application also for applying on squeezed spaces
  • It comes with a 60-day guarantee

7. Starbond EM-02 Super Fast Thin Premium Super Glue

A newcomer on our list is the EM-02 Super Glue from Starbond. One unique aspect of the brand Starbond is that it is known to deliver high-quality super glue with long shelf-life, like this product.

This super glue is one of the few that are lab-tested for optimal performance. The high-performance industrial grade adhesive comes in a water-thin form. This means that it will go deep to penetrate and stabilize via the capillary action.

Once it bonds your surfaces, you won’t ever have to worry about having weak and temporary bonds. Its wicking property allows it to penetrate the finest micro-fractures, cracks, and pores.

Furthermore, it will do an amazing job on any projects including your plastic items, wood turning finish, fossil prep, bonding close-fitting parts or even fixing a broken pen.

This is yet another great super glue that stands out of others on our list. Reason being, it comes with some extra supplies.

When you purchase it, you get two applicator caps, one clog-free stopper, as well as several micro-tips to offer you precision when applying it.

If you are wondering why it comes with an extra applicator cap, it is for an emergency in case the other cap clogs in the future.

The clog-free stopper comes with a tiny pin that will prevent it from possibly clogging. The micro-tips, on the other hand, lets you work easily on the tiny cracks.

As long as you keep this glue in a cool and dry place, you can be sure to enjoy using it for around 20 months.

The manufacturer promises a 20-month shelf life. Plus, these 20 months is guaranteed. Suppose the glue doesn’t last for the promised 20-month shelf-life, you will be refunded.

Notable Features

  • Comes in a 56-gram bottle
  • Lab-tested, industrial grade adhesive
  • Usable on multiple projects and surfaces around the house
  • Comes with two applicator caps and a clog-free stopper
  • 20-month shelf life guarantee

8. Bob Smith Industries BSI-157H Maxi-Cure

Bob Smith Industries offers its super glue that performs incredibly. The company has been making super glue and epoxies for more than 30 years now.

The BSI-157H is made to multiple bond surfaces perfectly. It is extra thick in form and stands as one of the best glue for bonding plastic. If you are handling some plastic model assembly, this glue will serve you perfectly.

This product comes with a 28-gram super glue tube and an Insta-Set accelerator. Let me give you some enlightening about the accelerator.

Insta-Set is normally a catalyst that will act as an accelerator to let Cyanoacrylate to cure in thick layers quickly. This process is made possible by enhancing the alkaline conditions during the polymerization.

When you apply the thick adhesive on the surface and cure it with Insta-Set, it will help to enhance the strength of the joints.

If you are working with materials that are difficult to bond, Insta-Set can be applied to one surface and CA to the other surface. After this, you will just bond the two surfaces with ease and be sure of a strong bond.

Luckily, the glue is compatible with all the surfaces including white foam and clear plastic. Nothing stands in its way when it comes to bonding.

Once you apply the super glue and its cures, you can carve it with a knife/razor blade, or even sand and feather it to be left with a nice finish that matches your plastic surfaces.

This might not have anything to do with adhesive reliability, but it is important to point out that Bob Smith Industries are proud sponsors of Wounded Warrior Project.

Notable Features

  • Comes in two products; super glue and Insta-Set accelerator that are 28 grams each
  • The super glue is extra thick and offers a strong bond on surfaces
  • It will set and dry in about 10 to 25 seconds
  • You get two applicator caps for easy application and control
  • Using the two products together lets you use them on any surface

9. J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Adhesive

I have huge respect for the veteran adhesive manufacturers on the market, which is why I decided to include this super glue from J-B Weld. JB-Weld has been making adhesives for 50+ years, and they are known for their loyalty to customers’ satisfaction.

This plastic bonder is a two-part urethane adhesive system that is quick to set. Plus, it offers a strong and lasting repair and works on various materials around the house.

Whether you want to fix the carbon fiber composites, thermoset,coated,metals,thermoplastics or concrete, this super glue would serve you well.

If you need an alternative to torch welding, this should be the perfect choice for you. It has been made to be effective in extreme environments. Plus, it will create a permanent bond that is very strong once it sets.

I loved how easy it is to use this super glue. It has a 1:1 mixing ratio and it will set in just 15 minutes. But the best part is that it will be strong and dry enough to be sanded after 30 minutes. By the way, I should point out that this super glue will dry black.

This means that it is ideal for composite, epoxy and adhesive, PVC, gap filling, and more. This can also be considered the best adhesive for plastic. Plus, it is OEM automotive and HD truck approved.

The re-sealable, no-waste cap is screwed on one way only, which will prevent accidental mixing. This also prevents accidental mixing and ensuring that the epoxy doesn’t dry out between uses.

Notable Features

  • It comes in a 25 ml tube, which is equivalent to 24 grams
  • Dries black
  • Best for black materials
  • Sets in 15 minutes, and can be sanded after 30 minutes
  • It is OEM automotive, and HD truck approved
  • Effective to use in extreme environments hence perfect alternative to torch welding

10. Krazy Glue KG82048SN Home and Office Super Glue

If you are looking for strong super glue for one-time use, this is what you should pick. The product comes from Krazy Glue, which is yet another top adhesive brand.

The product comes with four mini tubes of 0.5 grams each. This makes them ideal for one-time use. But it doesn’t need application in large amounts, so you can use it one or two times.

This super glue kit is perfect for the on-the-go projects that need a quick fix. Since it is small, you can easily put it in your craft drawer, purse, or briefcases.

You might wonder if the tubes will create a mess in your purse or briefcase as you carry them. But you don’t have to worry about a thing because these tubes come in a convenient case.

The case helps to keep the glue secured as you carry them wherever you want.

The tube comes with a fine tip for easy application. This way, you can comfortably and precisely handle the fixes and delicate repairs. It is small but very strong to offer you incredible bond on your surfaces.

You can easily use this glue to bond just about any surface. Whether you want to fix your plastic items, your torn shoe, the glue will serve you accordingly. It will always be fresh since you use it one time only.

Notable Features

  • It is small but very strong
  • Easily portable with a convenient case
  • They come in 4 tubes to use for those emergency fixes
  • Fine tip applicator for accurate gluing
  • Bonds perfectly to metal, wood, leather, ceramics, vinyl, and plastic
  • Single-use applicators for a quick fix

Best Glue For Plastic Buying Guide For Beginners

So, now you have an idea of the best super glue that you should consider buying when you want to get one for your plastic projects.

But what if you don’t like any of the listed adhesives? Which strategy would you use to get the best glue to use for plastic?

I will be giving you some ideas that I used when listing down the top 10 super glue. Here is what you need to consider when picking an adhesive for plastic:

The Material 

Okay, we are talking about the perfect glue to use on your plastic surfaces, but you need to consider the type of plastic you wish to bond with the glue. Plus, you also have to consider if you will need to use it on other materials.

Remember that there are hard plastics and soft plastics. Some super glue is best used for hard plastics, and others might need to be used along with the accelerator so that they can bond strongly.

If you will want to use the super glue on other materials and projects around the house, ensure that it can bond the material perfectly.

Luckily, most of the super glue we have covered on our list can be used on multiple surfaces including wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, and more. As long as the glue can bond the materials that you have at home, you’ll be good to go.

Clamping and Drying Time

The second point I considered when I was picking a strong adhesive for plastic was the clamping or drying time. I prefer glue that will set and dry quickly.

When it comes to the clamping time, it entails the need for holding the material together so that the glue can dry and bond them strongly.

It also refers to the time that the materials can be left undisturbed as they dry up once you apply the glue.

Most super glue will not require you to clamp the materials when you apply them. However, the best way to ensure that the materials bond tightly together is to clamp them after applying the glue.

In terms of the drying time, a decent super glue should set and dry in about 10 to 20 seconds. This way, you will not have to wait for too long for the materials to bond together.

Also, a glue that dries quickly allows you to use the item faster. For instance, if you want to paint it, you can do so after around five minutes once you let the glue dry completely.

Nonetheless, the clamp time will depend on the material that you are bonding.

The Viscosity or Thickness Of The Glue

According to our list, you will notice that super glue come in different viscosities. They can either be ultra-thin, medium, or thick. Mostly, thick glue will come in metal tubes are more consistent than the medium and ultra-thin glue.

If you are going for the thick glue, keep in mind that they take a long time to dry up. However, this gives you time to modify your plastic model before you bond it tightly.

Another thing about the thick glue is that they are best suited for the vertical application. They don’t run once you apply them.

On the other hand, the medium viscosity glue will come in plastic bottles, and they’ll have a thin applicator for the glue.

Medium thickness glue dries faster than the thick glue. They also give you some time to modify your models before they dry up.

The ultra-thin thickness glue dries the quickest, and they give you little to no time to adjust your models. But luckily, they spread evenly on the surface without the need for you to do it manually.

If you want to bond close-fitting surfaces, the ultra-thin viscosity glue should be your ideal choice. On the negative side, this glue can be runny, which may leave your surface messy. But since this glue will dry fast, it won’t leave much damage to your model.

Pay Attention to the Cap or Nozzle

Too many people tend to ignore the cap and nozzle of the glue, which is two very important parts. The cap is not just there to cover the tube or bottle once you are done.

Rather, it should assure you of having strong and ever-fresh glue whenever you want to use it.

Ideally, use super glue that comes with a screw-on cap. This way, you can always ensure that it is tight enough and that air doesn’t get through to dry up the glue.

On the other hand, you should consider how the nozzle is made. In most cases, super glue will come with a nozzle that acts as an applicator. It might not be the best idea to apply super glue on plastic using a brush or another applicator.

Doing so can make it dry up on the brush even before you start applying it on the surface you intend to fix.

Therefore, check that the nozzle is pointy enough to let you direct the super glue precisely. A nozzle that is long and pointy helps you to regulate the glue and also get it through close-fitting materials or cracks.

Plus, it would be better if the nozzle would be clog-free to let you use the glue effortlessly whenever you need to.

Consider the Cost of the Glue

How much are you willing to spend on the super glue? Okay, this might seem like a petty point because most superglue cost less than $10. But consider the cost of the super glue if you are a constant user of it.

Plus, the cost should be concerning the quantity and performance of the glue. But don’t always go for the cheapest because you might compromise with the quality. Nonetheless, the highest priced super glue is not always the best.

All in all, ensure that you choose a glue that is affordable (according to how frequent you use it) and that it is effective enough.

How To Use Super Glue

Using super glue on plastic models is very easy. Plus, the brand and model of the super glue will not affect how you use it.

But the approach you use with a super-thin glue is different from that of thick glue. That being said, here is how to use super glue accordingly;

Prepare your working surface 

The first thing to do is to prepare the surfaces by ensuring they are clean and dry. Also eliminate any wax, paint, or oil on the surface before you start applying the glue. Ideally, make the smooth surfaces slightly rough for better bonding.

Puncture the glue

 Usually, the glue will come with a lid with a fitted pin. This pin will be used to puncture the seal and also prevent the glue from drying up.

At this point, screw down the cap clockwise up to the tube shoulder. This should be down enough to puncture the seal.

Remove cap and start applying

Now that the tube is successfully punctured, you’ll need to unscrew the cap by turning it counter-clockwise. After that, you can apply the adhesive carefully to the surface you need to bond. Ideally, use a single drop per square inch of surface.

Hold surface in place

After you apply the glue on surface appropriately, you’ll need to hold the surfaces together for around 15 to 30 seconds. Ensure that you hold them tight enough until they bond. However, be careful not to reposition the parts as you press them down.

Leave the parts undisturbed

When you have applied the glue, and it has bonded strongly to the surfaces, you’ll need to leave the parts undisturbed for about 5 minutes. If you want to have a perfectly strong bond, leave the undisturbed parts overnight.

What Are The Top Plastic Glue Brands On The Market?

The last factor that we should include when picking a good glue for plastic is the brand of that glue. Here is a look at the top plastic super glue on the market:

Gorilla Glue Company

The Gorilla Glue Company is one of the longest-serving super glue manufacturers. It is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is known to deliver top-quality super glue that comes with strong and fast bonding ability.

The company also makes other products like Gorilla Tape, sealants, Gorilla Construction Adhesive, and other adhesives.

This is a family-owned company that is operated in its family atmosphere. The company invests in an authentic and quality brand that makes them a household name.

The best part is that the company is known to have good customer support. In other words, you will be attended to by the customer support reps in case you have any issue with your product.

Most of the Gorilla super glue comes with a metal ring on the cap to prevent drying up.


Another top super glue brand that is known for its reliable adhesives is Loctite. This company has been in service for over 50 years, and it delivers advanced adhesive and sealing solutions.

Loctite is committed to using innovation in its adhesive production.In this case, you can be sure of continued development of breakthrough formulation.

Plus, you will get a frustration-free dispensing system with every super glue tube from Loctite.

The products from Loctite come with a fast drying formula to offer you reliable performance. When it comes to innovating production, Loctite does an amazing job.

The company works with over 230 individuals that research and develops close to 100 chemicals. Loctite has been named that focuses on innovative adhesive production and proper customers.Loctite is one of the environmentally friendly companies.

Glue Masters

Glue Master is a company under the brand umbrella, Gravix Adhesives. The parent company is based in Washington, and it gave birth to Glue Masters in 2014.

This is one of the few super glue brands that specialize in cyanoacrylate, which offers strong bonding.

The Glue Masters comes with viscosity variation, a well-developed formula that is concentrated enough.

The super glue from this brand comes with six viscosities. The quality and performance are worth pointing out.

In general, the company assures you of four important things. First off, it assures you of an industrial-grade bond, high-quality glue, and in a small and convenient.

J-B Weld

This company was founded back in 1969 by Sam and Mary Bonham. During the first years, Sam Bonham wanted to cold-weld for using on truck service garage. You won’t have to go to a traditional ending.

The is formulated to hold on the surface tightly. According to the official website of this brand, the glue will offer a strong bond that is supposedly ‘stronger than steel.’

It has a two part that will have a bigger chest. The glue is OEM automotive, and HD truck approved hence making it capable of working on different surfaces.

Besides delivering top-quality adhesives, this brand also offers enough knowledge that should help you as you plan to use it. You will learn about the bond that is recommended based on the surface that you are bonding.

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Safety Issues That You Need To Consider When Using Super Glue

Super glue might seem like a simple product that helps to bond materials. However, super glue can cause serious injuries or conditions if not taken lightly.

Luckily, here are some safety tips you should observe when working with super glue:

  • Always hold it gently when unscrewing the ap. Do not squeeze the tube, lest the glue spills out.
  • Use the designated gloves when applying the glue
  • Avoid scratching your eye or nose when applying the glue because it can cause some harsh reactions when it gets in contact with the eye or nostrils.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure when clamping parts together. Doing so can get them out of place.
  • Ensure that you fit the pieces in the right pattern if broken before you apply the glue.
  • Always keep the glue away from children to avoid unnecessary accidents
  • Ensure that you leave the pieces undisturbed for around an hour or more after you apply the glue.
  • Avoid applying too much glue on surfaces because excess glue can damage or dissolve the surface. It also takes a longer time to dry.
  • Make sure that you store the super glue in a cool and dry place at all times
  • Store the glue with the cap facing up to avoid clogging.
  • Always ensure that the cap is well-screwed on to prevent the glue from drying up.
  • Make sure that you have the cleaning tools nearby in case of an accident

As you use the super glue, always ensure that you follow all the necessary safety tips.


Q: Which Glue Should I Use For Plastic?

The super glue that you choose for your plastic projects will depend on how strong you want it to be and the type of plastic you are bonding.

One super glue might be strong for one type of plastic, while it might be weak for another.

Q: Can I Use The Super Glue For Plastic Car Body Parts?

Yes, you can easily use your super glue to work on your car body parts. Normally, the plastic car body parts will be made of vinyl, nylon, polycarbonate, or ABS. Vinyl is usually used for car seats, while polycarbonate is used for lenses for external lights or the exterior mirror casing.

On the other hand, ABS is used on handles, exterior bumpers, dashboard, as well as. Nylon is used in engine parts like the radiators.

Any of the plastic car body parts can be fixed with a good super glue.

Q: Can You Bond Plastic To Wood? Which Is The Best Glue?

This is also dependent on the type of plastic you wish to glue. The Gorilla Super Glue Clear Gel is one of the best adhesives that you can use for bonding plastic to wood.

However, ensure that the glue you choose doesn’t discolor or deform the surface.

Q: How much CA glue should apply on surfaces?

Normally, the glue you have applied depends on the surface you are working on and what your project entails. You don’t always have to apply the glue on both surfaces.

Rather, apply it in a spiral pattern, but do not apply a thick layer of super glue because it will take a long time to cure.

Q: How do I keep the super glue fresh?

This is pretty easy. All you have to do is to keep the lid well-closed after every use. Avoid leaving the cap open for more than a minute.

Q: Will I need an accelerator?

In most cases, you will get the best performance of the super glue if you use it along with the accelerator.

In case you will need too much positioning after applying the super glue, that is when you will need to use an accelerator.

Q: What Should I doWhen my fingers are stuck together?

In this case, just soak regular nail polish remover that contains acetone or acetone itself on the area where the glue is stuck.

After the bond breaks, rinse the area thoroughly after de-bonding. Alternatively, you can just soak your bonded area in warm and soapy water.

Q: Which brand of super glue should I choose?

When choosing a good super glue for your plastic, ensure that you consider the properties of the glue rather than just looking at the brand. Focus on the features of the glue more.

Best Super Glue for Plastic: Final thoughts

So, now you have a clue of what to pick and how to buy the best glue for plastic. Always remember that good super glue for plastic will depend on the type of plastic, how you intend to use it, and its overall performance.

It is good to consider the brand of the super glue, but keep in mind that the features of the specific glue are the ones that will determine how reliable it will be.

Don’t forget that one man’s meat is another’s poison. Therefore, you can still go for the superglue of your choice.

Just make sure that you follow the buyer’s guide accordingly. Above all, ensure that you follow the essential tips as you use the super glue.

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