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Best Spray Paint for Graffiti Reviews in 2021

From a movement of ideology to a colorful expression of the masses, graffiti is the art form taking over the world today.

And from the looks of how popular it is everywhere, starting from posh theatre houses to restaurants, minibars or cafes, we can conclude that it's a trend that's here to stay.

So, if you're an artist riding on this new wave, you might be looking for the best gear to get creative with. That’s why to let you experience the best spray paint for graffiti out there, we’ve made a list of the top 6 after careful comparison and research.

So, let’s read and find out what exactly you need to make another masterpiece, shall we?

Top 6 Best Spray Paint for Graffiti Reviews

It's no secret for artists who've been into graffiti for a while that the regular spray paints you get at craft stores aren't always the best. There's a specific type of paint that's meant to be used to create art, and we've reviewed just that.

1. Montana BLACK 400ml Popular Colors Set of 12 Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint

We’re starting off with a bang and reviewing one of the most popular brands for graffiti color sets in the market. This set of 12 paint cans from Montana contains 400 ml of bright pigment paint, including reds, blues, bright yellow, grey, and lavender.

The volume is 0.4 liters, and they're suitable for outdoor use. And if you want, you can use these on the same canvas with Rustoleum.

If you're a rookie getting used to the ropes and loves experimenting with designs, these will do just fine. They are quick to dry and provide vibrant colors. Not to mention that the nozzles in these are super easy to attach or detach.

For mixed media artists who work with regular acrylics besides graffiti paint, these will be perfect.

Although the price might seem a bit high, it's honestly worth it, given the paint quality. And in case you were wondering, there’s no need to use the same brand’s primer with this either.

You can use a protective coat like gloss, nail polish, or semi-gloss to paint plastic using these sprays as well. These have a gloss finish, and you'll need something to seal the paint afterward.

Highlighted Features

  • Gives semi-glossy finish
  • Dries quickly
  • Great coverage
  • High-pressure paint
  • Winter-proof

2. Spray Paint for Arts & Crafts, Water Based Pintyplus Aqua Mini, Artist Set

Who said graffiti is only for street art or projects on walls? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with infusing your love for the art into school projects or home decor ideas.

Keeping the urge of painters to get creative on places other than the downtown and Open Walls Baltimore in mind, we've included this set of 8 paints into our list.

These are perfect if working on paper, wood, glass, or plastic and natural fibers is more your forte.

This is a set of 8 colors that include all the basics like– orange, yellow, green, black, white, blue, and violet. As these are water-based paints, you can rest assured that they won't wash away.

The matte finish that these paints have made them perfect for giving furniture and woodcraft pieces a vintage look. It’s easy to use with stencils due to low-tack adhesiveness.

Each of the cans contains 150 ml worth of paint that's low pressure. Hence, these cans are less likely to overspray. They’re easy to layer and mix for working and are some of the best spray paint for art in the market today.

Since the paints are opaque, you can use these on paper without worrying much about them bleeding through.

For working on complex surfaces or irregularly shaped objects, these will be great for control and smoothness.

Highlighted Features

  • Opaque paints
  • Cans are low-pressure with less overspray
  • Water-based colors
  • Provides a matte finish
  • Designed to be used on surfaces like cardboard, wood, plastic, etc.

3. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint, 13.5 oz, Titanium White

There’s a recurring problem with graffiti paint that most artists try to ignore, but let’s admit the facts– they stink. And the odors are often difficult to stand when using paints for long hours on a project you’re pouring your heart and soul into.

This is why you might want to get this product that’s low-odor and still does the same thing. These are professional colors from Liquitex that have brightness minus the bad stench.

Each of these 400 ml of acrylic-based paints is made from high-quality pigments with water-based technology and low solvents. They have great opacity and are perfect for mixing or layering.

You can go for full opaque, semi-opaque, or transparent colors depending on your need.

And what was surprising was the fact that despite being water-soluble when wet, they're super waterproof when dry. This means you can work with these without having them smudged.

These provide scopes for mixing with different mediums and achieve archival results. The intermix-ability feature makes them great for mixing with regular acrylic paints.

They have great coverage and come at a decent price. You can use these to have a brilliant matte finish and vivid colors on a mural without worries.

Highlighted Features

  • Low in odor
  • Great opacity
  • Water-based paint with low solvents
  • Bright colors
  • Can be mixed with acrylics and other paints

4. Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint 400ml

If you’re the type who doesn’t like waiting for paints to dry before moving on, then this might be a good choice. These paints from the MTN 94 brand’s lineup have ultra-fast drying time and come in cans of 400 ml.

Every artist was once an amateur, and for the ones who are, this product will definitely save the day. With these, you can easily reach a transition shade without making the work look rough and unblended.

These have a pure matte finish and come in colors like Matt White, Rita Grey, London Grey, Icarus Grey, and Matte Black. In any kind of application, these will provide good precision and versatility.

The color selection is everything a beginner would need to start off and practice with shadows and designs. Also, the matte finish offers options to create layers and vintage-inspired work in no time.

And the cool thing about these paints is that their scent is anything but unpleasant, having a hint of vanilla in them. So, you might want to get some vanilla cake ready beforehand in case you end up hungry while painting your heart out on the canvas.

While these do scratch off when used on toys, it's nothing too big of an issue since plastic won't be a medium to start off in the first place.

Highlighted Features

  • True-to-color output
  • Vanilla scent
  • Low-pressure cans with female valves
  • Pocket caps
  • Good precision and fast coverage

5. Evolve 12 pack, MTN, Montana, Belton & Molotow & Ironlak Spray Paint

Evolve Spray Paint

Looking for low-pressure cans that provide great control? Then look no further because next in line for reviewing is this set of 12 cans from the brand Evolve.

They're smooth and vibrant with amazing high-quality pigment. But even more, these were developed to provide the user full control and hence, have softball type nozzles.

You can use these with any kind of euro style or skinny caps without trouble. Although the paint is quite thick and won’t be the best with ultra-slim caps, you can still get good output.

For mural painters and home decor artists, however, it's a good idea to opt for something else from the list because these synthetic paints are more on the stinky side.

They’re also pretty well-priced, and you can easily stay in budget if you catch a sale deal.

The fact that they have extremely good coverage and weather well makes these perfect for street artists. These have a flat finish and go on almost all types of surfaces smoothly.

You can work with these colors on glass and on metal items like jewelry as well. A nice bonus is that the company claims the cans to be safe for the Ozone layer and suitable to recycle.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a flat finish
  • Extreme coverage
  • Thick paint covers a large area
  • Low-pressure cans
  • Non-drip and fade-proof

6. MTN Hardcore 2 400ml Popular Colors Set of 12 Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint

MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

For something that's shinier, you can check out this set of 12. These cans are from the Montana Hardcore 2 lineup, and there are colors like Vivid Red, Pistachio Green, Cologono N Green, Pearl Grey, or even Divinity White up for grabs.

Each can contains 400 ml worth of spray color and is specifically designed to be used on murals and street art.

As these are 100% compatible with all the male caps and nozzles in the market, they're nothing short of a good investment.

These paints have a special feature of quick drying. They're suitable for using outdoors and do not wash off.

Even if you aren't a fan of high-pressure cans, you'll love the solid build of these since they have standard caps. You'll get 2 Lego caps and 2 NY Fat caps in the set as well.

The transparent covers that these have come with a snap on the top that prevents accidental spraying. You won't have this skip or drip on you either thanks to the streamlined spraying and even paint flow.

Since these have a high gloss finish with great quality pigment, you can use them to do projects on wood, metal, glass, or even concrete, etc. With the coverage of 32 square feet, you can take down an entire wall with these with no problem.

Highlighted Features

  • These are wash-proof
  • Have transparent covers
  • Great coverage
  • High glossy finish on different surfaces
  • Cans that work with any euro style cap

Things to Consider Before Buying Spray Paint for Graffiti

The paints you need for graffiti aren't regular DIY ones. Just as graffiti is a complex art form that needs much layering and variables, the sprays used need to be up for the job. That's why you should consider some things before going ahead and buying them.

Smooth As Butter

The first thing you need to remember is to get paints with medium (if not full) coverage that can go on smoothly.

There's no point in trying to create a vibrant image with dull colors that won't stick well.

Color Selection

Before, it was all about making the best out of what you've got at hand. But now there are brands that cater to the artists and muralists, providing them with a slew of choices.

So why hold back? Look for sets with a good selection of vivid blues and lush reds to help you do the best work.

Cherry on Top

The finish of the paint is the cherry on top of your art piece. So, consider the type of finish you're going for.

Take into account your art style as well. Some artists go with the flow and layer of paints for a natural look.

Good for Stencils?

There are the ones who go crazy with the stencils, making geometric designs with whimsy. For each style, there's an ideal type of paint, so work towards finding just that.

The paints that drip a lot are ideally not good for stencil and geometric designs. Look for the ones that drip the least and won’t clog or skip.

What Are the Different Types of Spray Paint for Graffiti

Once you've figured out your style, it's time to look at the different types of spray paint out there. But what exactly are they? Let’s get into some detail.


There are types that give glossy finishes that are perfect for working on clear walls (precisely sheetrock). You'll find these to be perfect for making murals or work on brick walls as they'll give a glossy texture in the sun.

These do get difficult to layer sometimes, but nothing soothes the eyes more than a black and white graffiti that sparkles like fine leather in daylight.


It won’t be an exaggeration to call these the beginners’ favorite type. You'll find that the ones with matte finishes go great when layered.

If you're the type to take up projects outdoors and do works on brick walls or concrete, try going for sprays that are more robust and thicker as they do better on the rough surfaces.

Textured Enamels

Graffiti art isn't like the ones old masters made back in the Renaissance era. It's anything but mild and subtle. So, it's only natural to buy paints that are more true-to-color so as not to fade away.

Of course, it's more dependent on the nature of your canvas and project location. For working on home decor, you can buy those textured paints or enamels that are more resistant to heat or damage.

Inter-mixable Paints

If you're planning to use a primer for the under structure on a canvas, avoid gesso at all costs. As spray paints are leaner, they should be applied first or over wet oils when working with mixed mediums.

For more flexibility of mixing regular sprays with oil paints, you can get lacquer and enamel paints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can spray paint be used on cars?

If you're talking about regular spray paints, then it's a no. You can't use most graffiti paints on cars either. But there are certain sprays made from a specific set of ingredients that are car-friendly.

Q. What surfaces can you work on with spray paint?

These paints are very inclusive, so you can use them on almost any paintable surface.

To say in brief, you can use them on plastic, metal, fiberglass, particleboard and cardboard, concrete, wood, plaster, and ceramics.

Q. How can I prevent clogging of the cans?

To avoid your spray cans from clogging, start by turning it upside down and clear out the gas by pressing on the nozzle for around 5-6 seconds. This should work for almost all cans.

Q. Should you prime, or shouldn't you?

A rule of thumb you can follow is that primer goes on any surface that's meant to go outdoors and has any risk of rusting alongside any wood or anything glossy.

But since most spray paints are oil-based with high adhesion on their own, you can skip using primer altogether.

Q. Can you use oil paints over spray paints?

You can't use oil paints with spray paints that are basically plastic, i.e., acrylic. Because oil paints have an earthly pigment-base structure, and they require binders like linseed oil to hold them.

So, you end up trying to mix oil with water since most graffiti paints are water-based.

Final Words

We are positive that any of these from this list of best spray paint for graffiti can be your potential favorite.

Go ahead and grab yours to paint the town red (or any color for that matter) just the way you want.

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